Sunday, 26 July 2015

A - Z of This Witch's Garden: A

 Because my mind has inevitably gone blank, I can't think of anything else to post but this: 
Cedplop the Annoying relaxing near some catnip
(probably after he's ruined something).
The first in a series of gardening and plant-related posts. I did kind of start this a little while ago with a Spring Garden A B C, but Cedplop ruined it (because he's a little ruiner), so I thought I'd give it another go. Originally, I was going to do the whole A-Z in one post, but it would have been rather large, and too much like hard work to sort out all the photos. So, instead, I've decided to break it down to one post per letter.

 I suppose we'd better begin with A, then? And remember, the photos are just a click away from being engorged to breath-taking proportions! 

A is for...

Acanthus spinosa
This ferocious-looking plant goes by the common name Bear's Britches.
You can imagine the kind of spells this plant is useful for!

...and for Acer
The lovely and elegant Japanese maple.

...and for Albizia
This beautiful little tree's delicate, fern-like leaves fold up at night.
It was first seen here.

...and for for Angelica
The broad fern-like leaves of the angelica can be seen at the middle-back. Unfortunately, I neglected to take any photos of it when its 150cm tall flower head had emerged. If positioned correctly, angelica can keep witches away from one's home. Needless to say, this  one doesn't affect me!

...and for Aquilegia
You may have seen these before in Spring Garden ABC and An Allotment of Aquilegias.

...and for Asarina
This trailing herbaceous perennial is of the Red Dragon variety,
named for the similarity of its flowers to dragons heads.

...and for Astilbe
The moisture-loving Astilbe is now in the border at the back of the garden,
but it started off in a pot near the house (here).

 Well, that's it for now. Next time I'm bored or have nothing else to post, I'll be back with the Bs.



  1. Cedplop has the perfect high-contrast camouflage for lurking in the dappled garden sunlight and shadows ... if he's not too mellowed out on the nip!

  2. oh god, is there to be a pop quiz?

  3. I will be doing Er.... part 2 for my next post.... I will power through the blankness.

  4. LX: If only he would mellow out on the nip!

    Norma: No, you're safe for now.

    Ms Scarlet: Perhaps blank is the new black?


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