Saturday, 11 July 2015

Tin is for 10

 I have been thinking about this for some time.

This poor young man was discovered at one of The Mistress's Crisco Parties smeared in the stuff and wrapped in tinfoil. Luckily, he'd only been in the oven for five minutes (which hadn't even been pre-heated - Mrs Beeton was spinning in her grave!), so he wasn't too hot and bothered.

 No, not the half-done strumpet up there, the 10th anniversary of this blog which falls on the 9th of October. As you may know, with wedding anniversaries, the traditional gift for ten years of wedded bliss is something made of tin. In this case, we shall be celebrating ten years of witchy nincompoopery with tin foil*, a.k.a. A Tin Foil Hat Competition!


 It seems that I haven't been the only one thinking about tin foil hats:

Ms Scarlet's already got her tin foil thinking cap on, as evidenced above from GoGoDragons

 I'm letting you know this now so that you all have plenty of time to stock up on tin foil and get your thinking caps on (made of tin foil, I hope?). Hopefully, for some of you, three months is enough notice this time? And don't worry about forgetting - I shall be dropping reminders here and there as we approach the compo date.
 I haven't decided on a theme yet so I am open to suggestions. Just don't get mardy if I ignore them all and go with something else instead.
 And remember: You could win a prize!
A crap one, no doubt.
 Quiet you! Eros was very pleased with his Teflon baking sheet.

 For the curious and anyone new here, you can see the very first Tin Foil Hat Compo Gallery from 2010 here, and last year's here. The winning hat of 2014's compo is pictured below.

Uranus Rising, by Ms Scarlet

* Yes, we're aware that foil is almost never made of tin any more (was it ever?), but people still call it that, so we're going with it. 


  1. Wow! Ten years! I am very much looking forward to this year's extravaganza!

    Maybe if the theme is Crisco®, MJ will participate?

  2. couldn't i just send you a can?

  3. LX: Can you imagine the horror of a Crisco & tin foil hat extravaganza?!

    You can, can't you. In fact, you're imagining it now, aren't you?! Stop it!!

    Norma: No. And don't try and fob me off with Liz Taylor's old hand-me-downs again either!

  4. Could we have a Crisco sculpture contest instead?

  5. A Tin Hat Compo... Yay! I can finally open the jumbo roll of it that I got for last years compo but never got around to entering...

  6. The Mistress: No. Although, I'm curious to see what you may sculpt, so perhaps you should sculpt a model from Crisco then fashion a Tin Foil Hat for it?

    Princess: Yay, indeed! Now, I have I given you enough notice this year?

  7. Ten years!

    What a great way to celebrate.

    *starts thinking about designs*

  8. If only I can find it within myself to surpass last year's glory - it's going to be difficult, but I can't wait!
    I will also begin writing my winner's speech.

  9. Hell, I wouldn't care if I even win. But I do have an idea that I may do and I'll just send that. Just for shits and giggle. And if it isn't in the theme, think of me as a spectator!!!!!! And now can you wrap up Mr.Jacobs so I can take him home?

  10. "I'm curious to see what you may sculpt" out of Crisco? I have a have good idea what she'd sculpt.

  11. Roses: Ten years, indeed. Where does time go?

    Ms Scarlet: You really have your work cut out. At least this year, you'll have Charmaine and Harold to do the heavy lifting.

    The Mistress Maddies: Well, as no one has mentioned a theme yet - and I still haven't come up with one - the floor may be open to "anything goes"!

    Although, perhaps in The Mistress's case, I should stipulate some restrictions...

    P.S. Mr Jacobs is nearly done. Just another couple of minutes under the grill.


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