Saturday, 18 July 2015

How to Train Your Drag Queen

 I watched this strange film the other day. In it, a Viking village is attacked by hordes of drag queens. A lucky shot from a young Viking man's catapult brings down Lola, a big, black drag queen who he captures and imprisons in an airport lounge. His friends, Connie and Muriel, who normally live in the lounge, dress up as dragons to try and infiltrate a Northampton shoe factory, but are found out by a conservative French couple who are visiting their prospective son-in-law who owns it. The faux dragons then make goo-goo eyes at Channing Tatum who was in the factory commissioning a pair of gravity boots. Meanwhile, the Viking rides to Northampton on Lola to rescue Connie and Muriel, even though his dad, the Viking chief, forbids it. When he gets there, he steps on the maid's unshod foot which inexplicably comes off, necessitating a replacement made of -
 What!? What are you going on about?
 The film we watched.
 Don't you mean films?
 Do I?
 I think you do! Weren't you paying attention?
Oh, don't stop him. We were wondering what happens next.

 Despite Witchface's ridiculous summary, we actually watched several films over the past week, as you may have guessed. And these are them:

 And as a result of this feast of films, our previous crush on Dash Mihok - Mikey, in Connie and Carla - has reasserted itself. So much so that we also watched the Pushing Daisies episode "Pigeon" that he guest starred in, and we're even considering sitting through The Day After Tomorrow again (which will be made easier not only because of Dash, but also because Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal star)!
Dash Mihok looking adorable

 Plus, we have a weird pet-crush on Toothless!
Toothless looking even more adorable

~ ~ ~

The next bit is especially for Roses, but the rest of you can look too, if you want...

Poppies! (click for embiggenment)



  1. "We were wondering what happens next."

    Me too!

    Poppies! ... Poppies! ... Poppies!

  2. At first I thought you were writing a summary of a Lynx advert.... but then I recognised Kinky Boots!
    Yes, I would watch the Day After Tomorrow for moor Jake.

  3. never heard of or saw dash, but love him now as bunchy on ray donovan.

  4. 'poppies.....poppies....poppies.... now sleep.sleeeeep.sleeeeep" Thank God you explained, because I was going to ask if you were on something, or forgot to take your meds.

  5. LX: I think the 'film' that Witchface "saw" was one of those that have a great build-up, but then peter out to nothing, or end up a big ol' mess!

    And as Roses isn't here, maybe those poppies really did put her to sleep?

    Ms Scarlet: LOVE Kinky Boots!

    Moor Jake, eh? I suppose I'd be ok with sharing this with you...

    Norma: And I've not seen Ray Donovan, but if Dash does those puppy dog eyes in it, I'll be hooked!

  6. Ooh, Mistress Maddie! You snuck in while my back was turned!

    And I wasn't turning to get my meds.

  7. Why, Thank you kindly!

  8. "Poppies!..Ahhhhhhhhh" *runs screaming from the room having flashbacks to endless piles of gathered red tulle tutu's*

  9. Ms Scarlet: You're welcome. Jakey is very accomodating, so I'm sure he can cope with the both of us!

    Princess: Oops!

  10. Oh Dash! I merely came here to update myself on your blog, but you've quite cured me of my recent crush!

  11. Ah, Hound! I'm glad to have been of assistance. I think a good Dash now again should cure most ills!

  12. I have just realised the glaring omission from my DVD collection.

    *rushes off to get Kinky Boots*

    Lovely, lovely poppies darling.

    Mine have all gone to seed now.

    Quick question: do you have hollyhocks?

  13. No, no hollyhocks, Roses. Although, I do have a holly tree...


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