Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Stepford Houseboys

 I'll get to posting our adventures in Goldfing-longerer soon, but I'm currently lost in a good book...


  1. Looks like the party at Chez Infomaniac is about to kick off already. I'd best be finding my silver lame cape and thigh high matching boots...

  2. That trolley reminds me... I must go houseboy shopping.

  3. Take your time, Mr Devine, I am still learning my lines, and grooming my faux fur [I am at that age where most of my fur has fallen out... it is mostly all faux now].

  4. Princess: I've got some tin foil spare if you need any for accessories?

    MJ: * hands over an anti-bacterial wipe for the handle *

    Unless you have one of the existing houseboys push the trolley for you?

    Ten seconds to curtain! You're on in fifteen, Ms Scarlet.


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