Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why do birds suddenly appear?

 No, really. Why do they?

 I only popped out to get the washing in and got divebombed by a flock of starlings. It's a good job I wasn't wearing my Tippi Hedren wig otherwise I'd've been combing feathers and claws out of it for weeks!
 If he wasn't on holiday, I'd put this down to Beaky.

 Still, at least the flock wasn't the size of this murmuration:


  1. They long to be close to you!


  2. Ah.. ah ah ah aaaaah,
    Close to you....

  3. "Nathan, you're crazy."

    "Ah.. ah ah ah aaaaah,
    Close to you...."

    Sorry. Parenthood took over.

  4. Aaaaarrrrgh!!? Now I have to go to bed with an ear worm in my head.
    Meanwhile, Today I took pictures of a flock of starlings using my ver large pond as a bird bath. I think they are getting ready to leave.

  5. it must be your fabric softener..

  6. Ms Scarlet: Leave? For good, or were they just getting ready for a night on the tiles?

    I hope you slept well!

    Norma: That's it. No more Lenor from now on!

  7. Do you find stars suddenly appear? Every time, you are...

    never mind.

  8. What is it with you and birds? I do believe they may be trying to take you out.

  9. Roses: Only when one of those dratted birds drops something on my head.

    Maddie: I don't think they like sharing their airspace when I'm astride Broom.


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