Monday, 23 March 2015

Just out of grasp

Warlock's new clothes by Emperor Chic
Body by Mac Robinson
 Oof! Sorry I'm late. I've been trying to excuse myselves from ageing another year, to no avail, sadly. Someone said that one is only as old as the man one feels, but Broom couldn't catch up to the hoe-riding studly young warlock from the next village, so I'm stuck with feeling my actual age.


Babyzilla says: Hands off! This lot is mine!
 Still, it's not been so bad. At least there was an excuse to eat cake! And plenty of it - along with a sumptuous afternoon tea at Lily's Tearoom. The Ladies of Lily's outdid themselves once again; providing delightful delectables for the whole family, enough even to satiate Babyzilla!

 Plus, there were no nymphs in sight. That Banish really works wonders!



  1. Happy Nymph-free Birthday(s)!

  2. Happy belated Birthday honey. Pleased to hear it was nymph-free.

    How are you with banishing imps?

  3. happy birthday to you hotcakes! I think you were just trying to get out of birthday spankings. And who really has that much time.

  4. "You're only as old as the man you feel" Personally I'm feeling a little old for the chase...
    I'll wish you a Very Merry Un Birthday instead Darling.
    The party cakes and yummy scrummies look delightful.

  5. OH!!!! Happy Birthday!!!! We are almost birthday twins!!
    Just be grateful that you're not 100 yet :-)

  6. Thanks, Roses. I think I have some powder that will get rid of imps.

    * rummages in cupboard under the sink *

    Maddie: Cheeky! Spank-free cheeks, at that.

    Princess: Thank you! As well as the cakes seen here, I also had a massive chocolate concoction, too.

    Sadly, there wasn't a massive chocolate cock...

    Ms Scarlet: Almost.

    That's almost birthday twins *and* almost 100. Well, that's what it feels like, anyway!

  7. Forgive me for not attending your tea.

    However, I would have been horribly distracted by that pink sippy cup in the middle of an otherwise beautiful table setting.

  8. Anonymous30/3/15 16:17

    God I'm really late ...

    All the best IDV !

  9. MJ: Ah, yes. Babyzilla ruins yet another sophisticated outing with her garish tableware.

    Mago: Better late than never. And thank you!


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