Saturday, 25 May 2013

w-w-w-WOW! TFGES contents

Embiggen by clickin'

OK, so it was just an excuse to see Eros in his next-to-nothings again...


  1. :-)
    I will comment properly when I have stopped drooling.

  2. EROS really nailed it with this one. Texas haute couture meets FGES!

  3. uh, hold on, those boots are lovely...right, that's all i'm looking at...and the hat, great hat...*fanning mahself*


  4. I thought Miss Scarlet said douching instead of drooling.

    And why was I not consulted about both an interview AND an agony aunt column?

    Where is my paycheque?

  5. All that aside, he really IS a beauty, isn't he?

  6. I should like to report stubborn stainage on the centrefold.

    I suppose you'll be referring me to the article on page 23 to rectify the situation.

  7. * hands over mop and bucket to Miss Scarlet *

    LX: I think Eros could nail pretty much anyone he likes!

    Savvy: It is a rather splendid hat, isn't it?!

    MJ I: Well, you did tick "no" to publicity etc, so you've only got yourself to blame.

    Oh, and I think the paycheque was mailed some time ago from Australia. You mean to say you haven't got it yet?

    MJ II: Yes. Yes he is!

    Seems like Princess loves the hat more than Savvy?

    MJ III: Of course. And for you, I'll even provide a special patented scratching wand so you don't have to touch the stains with your bare hands.


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