Sunday, 19 May 2013

And the winner is...

... announced further down. This bit up here is for the build up.

First, a word from the Queen of the Elf Shorts, Andrea Knapp:

And now, without further ado, 
may I present the almosts and not quites:

Before we get to the runners up, 
we'd better have some heckling from the crowds:

So, on to the runners up:

Don't get your hopes up for a runners-up prize or anything as I'm fresh out.

And the winner is:

Congratulations Princess!

Yes Princess, you have won the much coveted, and always reviled, Freakin' Green Elf Shorts! And, you've not only won them for yourself, but for your country, too. This is the first time that the 'Shorts will be in Australia, and only the second time that they've travelled into the southern hemisphere.
Just don't let them escape once you have them, as they are an invasive species and will quickly become a threat to Australia's unique biodiversity.

I still have your address somewhere, but I'll email you to be sure before I send them off.

Thank you to everyone who took part to make this compo a success. Special thanks to Rimpy for his copious 'Shorts-based ejecta - You were so very close to winning. There was much gnashing of teeth and fingernails as I was deciding between you and Princess.
Good luck to everyone when Princess holds the compo. Which I'm hopeful will be soon. 

Dr De Vice's Dental Clinic is only loosely affiliated with the Infomaniac House of Beauty and cannot be held responsible or accountable for any mishaps or misery caused by the aforementioned institution. 



    And hats off to Riley and Rimpy who gave it their all.

    Mistress MJ was impressed by Mr. DeVice's clever photograph and by the clever captions you Bitches came up with.

    And now, on to Australia!

  2. *Claps paws like a demented seal*
    Congratulations, Prinny!!!
    Oh... and I was robbed etc, etc...

  3. You know those cork hats that Australians wear to keep the flies off them?

    Do you suppose Prinny will affix corks to the ends of The Shorts in lieu of bells to keep the flies off her balls?

  4. Thanks, IDV, for a fun competition and a chance to leak some creative juices.

  5. *hands Mr. Rimpington a Wet Wipe*

  6. Well... I guess I can't claim to be bored any more...

    Thank you to Mr DeVice and his host for holding this gawd awful event... At least the hosts legs were covered and not quite as bright this time around...

    May I say on behalf of myself (as you know i will) and my cuntry... Orst-ray-lee-ya... that I will be proudly looking forward to continuing this fine... but somewhat weird... tradition. Although in not posessing an "Elfin Figure" I may well have to insert some panels and expand the waistline and re enforce the gusset given that my rather big arse resembles more that of a troll... I just hope that i can find an appropriate colour match...

    Thank you to my fellow captioneers... without you... there would not have been a contest... you are a pretty tough crowd.

    I'm honoured and really quite deeply touched to have won... In fact i'm touching myself as we speak...

    Oh dear... Did i just say that last bit out aloud?

    Sorry i meant to say that you are all in my thoughts and I'm sending you all my love from Downunder....

  7. I think I can speak on behalf of all of us when I say that we all wee'd ourselves a bit when the announcement of a winner was made.

  8. *Passes MJ a box of depends to hand around the room*

    There's not a dry seat in the house...

  9. I think it's time The Shorts had a plastic liner sewn into them.

    And a charcoal filter.

    And extra gusset reinforcements.

    You, Prinny, are the perfect person to do this.

  10. No Really... Mr DeVice where do you keep your towels...

    A little bit? My Arse!... This sofa is soaked!

  11. I'm surfing for charcoal inserts as we speak!

  12. Ahh... Perfect! Thanks MJ

  13. Congrats, Princess. I shall be watching you closely for your competition and another chance to win the vile prize.

    Also, I have a good friend in the Melbourne area, so if you're not prompt enough in hosting the next compo, I might have to send him around to nick them from you.

  14. Reinforced gussets and moist towelettes all round!

    Princess! Get off my sofa immediately!

    * hands over a Supa Sponge and fabric freshener (not Febreze as I believe MJ used up my entire supply when Beast was last here) *

  15. congratulations princess! and i nam relieved that i wasn't even in the running!

  16. Oh Cookie... You know you wanted them...
    And Rimpy... I'm istalling a "Rimpy's Friend" alarm first thing in the morning...

    Mr Device... Feel free to Email me on my Gmail account regarding where to send the repulsive things...

  17. Congratulations daaaaaaaaaaahrling *through gritted teeth* Champagne? Yes please, oh you're not the waitress?

    My mistake.

  18. Champagne? More like saucer of milk!

  19. Me neither cookie. I can come out of hiding now. Phew!

  20. Congratulations princess....... May the shrts bring you everything you desire ;-)

  21. Prinny darlling, I couldn't think of anyone more deserving than you to win those disgusting ugly old shorts... not that I think you are disgusting... or ugly... or old...




  23. congratulations!

    the suspense made me moist.

  24. congratulations, princess darling! how absolutely divine that y'all have won for queen(s) and country! *kisses* i will try to remember to enter the contest next time because we all know xoxoxoxoxo

  25. Sorry. The Vodka Fountain was demolished after it was found to be leaning heavily to one side, the Gincuzzi was stolen by MJ, 'Petra drank all the Champagne last time she was here, so all I have left is the Babycham Bath and Cherry Brandy Bidet...

    Dive in!

  26. Anonymous19/5/13 22:38

    There's always a hip flask of rotgut left.
    Congratulations to Princess and the fab host IDV!

  27. Congrats to Princess.

    *hands box of tissues around*

    People seem to be a bit overcome at the news.

  28. The competition was stiff...

    Congrats, Princess!!!

    (make sure to thoroughly launder - and please starch them properly..).


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