Friday, 5 November 2010

The Gunpowder Plop

She said she was bursting for the loo. I didn't realise she meant it literally until she exploded.

I told her smuggling gunpowder would be her undoing.


  1. Oh Shit! Another case of spontaneous combustion...
    I hope it's not catching...

  2. Maybe it was Mexican food?

  3. You haven't been dining at Cafe C, have you?

  4. And by you, I meant SHE.

  5. that's just sad, sugar! xox

  6. I think there's more than meets the eye here … something is afoot!

  7. Oh. Dear.

    Talk about the end to a shitty day.

    A useful warning to those thinking that gunpowder smuggling is big and clever.

  8. Pete took crap..
    Roses went for shitty...
    which leaves me with poo.
    Oh poo. Looks like somebody got overexcited with a sparkler.

  9. 'Petra: Oh crap indeed!

    MJ: I suppose the fire would have added a little colour to my legs...

    Princess: Lawks! I forgot to circulate the vaccine!

    xl: Or maybe she was just a Mexican fool? That Consuela always did seem a sandwich short of a picnic.

    MJ: Heavens, no!

    MJ: I channeled Consuela for the previous reply.

    Savannah: Isn't it? Fancy being found dead with your zimmer.

    Tim: * groan *

    Or did you mean she transformed into the zimmer?

    Roses: Still, at least she hadn't actually made it on to the loo. It could have been a lot shittier if she had.

    Miss Scarlet: Just 'a' sparkler? What if the number of them was 2?

  10. dude, that is one gruesome picture.

  11. I'm not eating the burnt bits.

    *chews rest of shin and throws burnt bits and shoe at MJ*

  12. You'll need the Zimmer frame when I'm through with you, SID.


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