Saturday, 27 November 2010

Last night I dreamt of shoes

Gold heels, to be precise. A bit like these Bridget's Back by Louboutin (the one's that 'Petra's been raving about),

but taller and less spiky with a wider heel (perhaps an inch and a half/4cm wide - And I mean wide as in ankle-to-ankle, not heel-to-toe). Somewhat like this:

(This was a quick sketch [complete with notes] made in my blog notebook when I awoke)

In the dream I was wearing them, teetering atop them upon some sort of runway or catwalk. As I stumbled, ungainly and unbalanced forward, I realised I was also watching myself from the audience. I decided to try a new way of walking to see if it would help. It did! And this was that way:

(Here's the full clip with excellent picture quality - I couldn't embed it hence the shaky-cam copy)

Bizarre. I wonder what it means?

Anyway, I'll leave you with this clip from one of my favourite films - Kinky Boots! I think you'll find it apt.


  1. The gold ones seem especially dangerous, sort of like a puffer fish.

  2. I've never dreamt I was fashion roadkill, so I'm sorry I don't know what it means. Love the sketch though!

    Kinky Boots is a favourite movie of mine. I think I'll pop it on right now. Love it!

    Go forth and be fierce and feeling mighty.

  3. i loved kinky boots! those shoes are killer, too! xoxox

  4. Those shoes would definitely kill me! I'd break a leg or something, falling off them!

    However, I once found a dead puffer fish on the beach in Mexico...

  5. I couldn't wear those. Well, that's not true. I could, if I was carried from bar stool to bar stool.

    Kinky Boots is one of my favourites.

    I just love the quote:

    'Comfy?! Sex isn't supposed to be comfy!'

  6. Kinky Boots a cult classic in the making...
    I've been told that my calves look fantastic in heels... which is fine if I plan on standing still all night with my calves looking all glamourous. The fun starts when I have to move.. A lot like the boy on the runway really.
    You have a blog book? I just write the crap straight to the screen...
    What do you mean you had guessed that already?...It just cuts out the middle man....

  7. What a glorious post to wake up to! I haven't seen Kinky Boots in ages. I think I'll go buy a copy.

    Love your dream of shoe porn too. Mmmm... shoes. Mind you, I'm a bit bitter right now as my pregs-feet seems to have swollen already making any of my own sexy boots difficult to wear.

  8. You have a blog notebook? That's dedication - I'm actually going to say I'm rather impressed, instead of unleashing my usual sneering condescension.

  9. May I just say that I love that you have a blog notebook?

    With illustrations!


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