Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Daintiness always wins!

With another Coven member's help, I've discovered the embarassing reason why Tim keeps spurning my advances:

So, Tim, my daintiness is now assured thanks to new quick Lux. This will be a birthday we'll both remember!

Right. All that's left to do is to check out Memory Alpha to do a little research before heading over The Cusp. One can always count on it to supply pure, sweet facts:


  1. Not the dreaded "Undie Odor"?

    Happy birthday, Tim!

  2. The rest of you... click on the illustration so you can read it.

    Do I have to do everything around here?

  3. Oops! Yes, thank you, MJ. Click to embigulate both pics, people.

  4. Such a simple solution! I imagine though that those undies won't stay fresh for long once you and Tim share your passion.

  5. Ha ha ha ha!!!! Brilliant!! You may be dainty, but you're not sweet. Keep scrubbing!

    (thanks MJ!)

  6. Ha! Ha!

    Great post! You can't have undies odor if you have no undies! That Memory Alpha post is boldly going where no man has gone before!

    Happy Birthday, Tim!!!

  7. Has IVD been scrubbing his warty wand.
    Happy Birthday Tim

  8. Happy Birthday Tim! Hope you're having a good one.

    I'm not surprised Tim spurned your advances, if you suffered from undie malodour.

    Mind you, will Lux cure your warty wand?

  9. I thought imperial leather was the way to go? Or a bubblegum smelling Lush product.

  10. Tim: But I'm sweet on you!

    Eros: I knew I should've gone commando.

    BEAST: Well, Tim helped.

    Roses (this goes for you too, BEAST): Despite MJ's statements to the contrary, my wand is NOT WARTY!

    Judging by that horrific pic, though, I'm not sure that Lux would do the trick...

    'Petra: Just who are you calling a lush?!

    It's MJ, isn't?

  11. Beast - No, Tim did NOT help scrub the warty wand, despite what IDV said!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone - much appreciated!!

  12. Happy Beleted Birthday Tim...
    Undie odour is difficult to manage Mr DeVice...
    You are always more than welcome to join Roses and I on my beachside bench for some quiet meditation and airing...

  13. I can solve your problem permanently. In fact I sent you an email about it. I am American, and I CARE.


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