Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Passenger

The post I had hoped to bring you (and its sequels) are not yet fit for human consumption, so I bring you a short film instead. Not by me, obviously, as that would have entailed a lot of hard work. No. This film is by Chris Jones and can be found on YouTube (good old YouTube - The saviour of lazy bloggers everywhere) or at his home page. If you have seven minutes to spare I certainly recommend watching it. It really is very good!

For those of you who wondered what I meant by last Sunday's crackBOOM post - because you didn't read the secret text (kudos to xl, and probably Princess too for finding it), not that it was particularly revealing anyway - I had found myself plunged into a pit of despair and despondency, and couldn't get out of it to read all of your blogs, not to mention keep mine up to date. I managed to heave myself out, though, but not in time to finish the planned Hallowe'en postings. Sorry.
Anyway, I've left a hint on the aforementioned post if you do feel like reading it, and here are the snips from the comments that prove xl (and probably Princess, but definitely not BEAST) found the text:


  1. MJ missed it, think it was an oblique reference to The Seven Year Itch!

  2. Oh honey.

    Don't you just hate it when that happens? Many hugs to you(all).

    Mind you, it's that time of year. You always could go all Winston Churchill, and talk about The Black Dog...some might wonder: depression? Black Shuck?

  3. Being a regular companion to the black dog...It takes me for walks every so often...

    I can utterly understand your predicament my dear Mr. De Vice.

    But one must never appologise in these moments of darkness...
    It Is How It Is...
    Appology tends to compound the senses with guilt... which I find to be an utterly useless emotion when trying to bring to heel the blackest of dogs.
    I just remind myself that "This too shall pass"

    Big hugs to you... fellow traveller....

  4. Oh, so I have to swipe my house all over the place now, do I?!

    GOD! *tut*

  5. I'm a bit disappointed that I missed halloween through being sluggish and anxious... but not depressed.
    I hate that I don't know what I'm anxious about. Most irritating.
    Anyhow, group hug time... let's all hug Mistress MJ.

  6. I hope that SP is tending to you.

  7. We all know what you've been anxious about Scarlet. Too bad you didn't win them though.

    Hell, too bad I didn't win them!

  8. ...Well, there was that as well, Petra... as for the outcome... all I can say is that future sales of fabreze will go through the roof...

  9. Hope you're feeling better...

    That film is hilarious!

    Although, it does bring to mind the point that one should always be careful who one sits next to on public transportation...or Just because you don't eat fish, doesn't mean you can't enjoy it!

  10. Hugs for IDV.

    Depression sucks. It really does.

  11. Oh and Speaking of Dogs...what a marvelous little movie clip. What talent! Perhaps I should keep my eyes peeled for a demon goldfish and unleash in the darkest of moments.
    Chin up... Tits out... and soldier on Darling...

  12. Thanks for the hugs. I feel like I made a bit of a mountain out of a mole hill with the whole "plunged into a pit of despair and despondency" thing. Everything just seemed a bit too much at the time, but I feel much better now, thank you. It was just a blip.


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