Saturday 19 October 2019

"But Where Are The Knockers?"

 Where indeed, Ms Scarlet?  While there may not be any knockers, amongst this slog of photos from the beach (yes, I was down there again on Thursday - as well as this morning!), there are some ships, cormorants, evolving galaxies, and lashings of sea glass.

 Oh, and that stone spiral mutation on the right, there.

Right.  First up, Thursday's photos - starting with this tired/grumpy (I can't decide which) little turnstone (Arenaria interpres).


One of these sea birds is not like the others...

A rather worse-for-wear Galaxy

These stones have lost their spiral

A revitalised Galaxy

Ah, that's better!


Sea glass - and a bit of willow pattern crockery

Nice day for it

Vos Endurance keeping an eye on things

It was so nice that someone was having a swim (not here, a bit further along).
I should have brought my trunks, too...

... but I probably would have frightened this lot...

... including this juvenile cormorant.


 That's Thursday's photos sorted.  In other news, I have made a a start on this year's Coven Awards!  As well as some of the usual awards (Sexiest Sci-Figure, Most Mesmerising Monster, and the ones that Ms Scarlet always wins), I am opening the floor to suggestions from the crowd, i.e. You!  Have you got an idea for an award?  Do you think there's a blog-related someone/thing-or-other that deserves an award for doing/being something ridiculous?  Or do you have a favourite font that you think should be used for the header or award titles?  Is there someone/thing, living or dead, real or fictitious, good or evil, who etc. etc...*
 I've already chosen a theme, but if someone comes up with a better one that I can be bothered to do, then the Year of the Ancient Groyne could be postponed until next year.
 Or is it enough for you to slog/skim through the awards without adding yet more inane rubbish to make note of in case there's a surprise quiz at the end?**

Speaking of which, next up are this morning's photos:


Galaxy as I found it

And after a quick tidy up with a few embellishments...

... plus a few more for luck!

Not such nice weather today

Despite the clouds, it didn't rain

More cormorants...

... and what I thought at first to be a seal, then a dog, turned out to be some berk in a wetsuit.


* Any suggestions/ideas/stabs-in-the-dark (not a euphemism) are left at the owner's risk, and once supplied may not be used, or may be held back for another event.  Or just discarded as we see fit.
** There won't be - I'm too lazy.


  1. Oh, this blog has it all - a whole line-up of shags, decorative groynage, Willow Pattern, Endurance, a Kraken and... what are the "Coven Awards" all about? Jx

    1. Oh, Jon, I thought you were joking about the Coven Awards, but I've had a look at the comments for the last five, and you're not to be seen. You must be one of the very few bloggers who actually goes out and does exciting things between Christmas and New Year rather than blog?!

      (The Coven Awards are my last post of the year - usually on or just before New Years Eve. They started in 2006, but really came into their own from 2014 onwards. Last year was the Year of the Constellation, and the one before that the Year of the Lunatic...)

    2. I look forward to catching up with this antediluvian ceremony! Jx

      PS As for the Festering Season, I generally spend my time yelling "Bah Humbug" and planning for our regular Grand New Year's Eve Bash.

    3. Keep your expectations low, Jon. It's rather self-indulgent, and does go on a bit, which takes up valuable New Year celebration time...

  2. Shags in abundance!Elegant stone art.And sea glass! Watch out! You -know-who will be on your beach any second...

    And, not wanting to be maudlin, but perhaps we could have a "Did I Win Yet?" memorial award.Whoever wins hosts the next year's one.

    1. Oh, I like the "Did I Win Yet?" award idea!

      And I shall keep my eyes peeled for certain coastal interlopers...

  3. Oh, oh....!!! we could have a Some Berk in a Wetsuit award!!! Or, A Best Sunday Music Award??? [Something else that Ms Scarlet could win].
    A QUIZ???!!!!! I am beside myself with excitement. And I like Dinah's idea.

    1. Yes, this is the type of thinking that goes places, and that doors open for, and - possibly - gets featured in a ridiculous end-of-the-year round-up and awards ceremony!
      Only you ruined it with quiz excitement - did you not read my second footnote, Ms Scarlet??

      * mutters and grumbles about now having to do a quiz at some point despite stating reasonably clearly that it wasn't going to happen due to innate laziness *

  4. No I don't know what I'm doing being up at 5.30am on a Sunday either.

    1. Perhaps asmall earthquake shook you gently into wakefulness? Or maybe it was a chorus of owls outside your window? Or a small, excitable dog bouncing up and down on your bed...?

  5. I officially propose an annual "Did I Win Yet?" award in honour of our much-missed friend.
    And if you don't want to be buggered hosting it, I will do so. So, that bouncy round thing is now in your court.

    1. Oh, dear. My hand-eye coordination is quite lacking...
      It is a splendid award idea, and I shall find a way to insert it into the procedings. However, it will only be a picture and snippet of text (like all the other awards), so if you would like to host a grander, more encompassing award in it's own dedicated post, I ham-fistedly clonk that fuzz-covered rubber orb back to you... ;)

  6. The "Did I Win Yet?" award is truly inspired.

    I would like to propose The Most Overgrown Bush award although Miss Scarlet is a shoo-in for that.

    And a "Biggest Groyne" award.

    1. I have to let Ms Scarlet win something (it's in her contract), so it may as well be The Most Overgrown Bush award.

      Great minds etc. etc. I already have a placeholder for Gargantuan/Grotesque/Gruesome Groyne...

  7. Most Ancient Groyne award would go to Norma so there's no point in even suggesting it.

  8. Brummiest blogger?
    Randiest Hound?

  9. I think sea glass is the world's most beautiful trash.


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