Friday, 14 September 2018

In the bath 10 years ago...

 Before we get to my bath, here's something I threatened a couple of months ago:

Book on a Chair: The Final Tour

 These are the very few books I've managed to read since Anne McCaffrey's The Rowan back in January:

Books on an chair arbour in the garden
Not pictured: Among the Wild Cybers
(because it's also on my Kindle)
The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (Wayfarers 1), by Becky Chambers
Star Trek: Federation, by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Greater Than The Sum (Star Trek: The Next Generation), by Christopher L. Bennett
Gods of Night (Star Trek: Destiny), by David Mack
Mere Mortals (Star Trek: Destiny), by David Mack
Lost Souls (Star Trek: Destiny), by David Mack
Among the Wild Cybers: Tales Beyond the Superhuman, by Christopher L. Bennett
Calvin and Hobbes: Revenge of the Baby-Sat, by Bill Watterson
and I've made a start on Record of a Spaceborn Few (Wayfarers 3), by Becky Chambers

 I thought today was an excellent time to do a book update because I also did one nine years ago exactly which features one of the books here.


 And now the feature presentation:

 Ten years ago in a bath tub I no longer bathe in (because I moved house, rather than had to give it up due to enormous eight-legged interlopers), I discovered this:

Normally, I don't mind spiders in the bath, but this one had used all my best bubble bath and splashed water everywhere. You should see the mess it's made!

 What's the most unspeakable thing/s you've discovered in your bath tubs?


 As we're in an anniversary type mood (and can't be bothered to do anything new), here are some other "on this day" things from years past:

. Investigations...  A postcard from our travels back in 2006
. The Final Countdown!  Your last warning before our first captionable encounter with the Freakin' Green Elf Shorts back in 2007

 And that's it.  No other blog posts from 14th September in any other years.
Yeah.  Who'd want to sift through all that dross again?


  1. That spider's probably walking with a zimmer frame by now - and there's a challenge! Design a walking frame for an arachnid...

    But I digress. This day, ten years ago (surprise, surprise), I was basking in the aftermath of Proms in the Park 2008 (when they still did it properly, as opposed to this year's disappointing day) - with the faboo Bryn Terfel! Jx

    1. Oh, yes, I read about your disappointing Proms experience - what a let down. Hooray for Lisa Stansfield, eh?!

      The Arachno-Zimmer would be just as scary as its user, I think.

  2. Oh damn how disappointing! I was looking forward to seeing something Long and gangly in your bath!
    Actually I do like spiders and often talk to them. This probably horrifies them. But not as much as my ginger Tom cat used to by screaming at them and ultimately dismantling them one leg at a time.
    I've really lowered the tone haven't I?

    1. Lowered the tone? No more than usual!

      I talk to spiders too. The other evening, I was watching Killjoys (coincidentally, the one in which a giant alien spider crawls out of someone's mouth) when I noticed movement on the floor. An enormous spider had scuttled out from under the bookcase and plopped itself down to watch TV, too! I told it that it wasn't allowed on the sofa, and if it must watch TV with me, it had to keep still and not ask me what's going on all the time. It obviously could deal with such restrictions and scuttled off somewhere else during the ad-break.

    2. Couldn't. "Obviously couldn't deal with such restrictions..."

  3. Aarrrrrgh!!! Spider.
    Is this a meme? I shall peer up my anuls to see what I was doing ten years ago...

    1. How very flexible you must be, Ms Scarlet!

  4. Ten years ago? I was dealing with a cat mutiny! No spiders though.

    1. Lola and RJ do not look amused at your generosity. Was the mutiny suspected beforehand, or are those expressions from during/after?

  5. A large hairball clogging up the tub drain was the worst thing I ever found in the shower! It only took one weekend of three visiting females to develop a hairball the size of a golf ball clogging my drain! I swear the hairball moved on it's own when I dropped it into the trash! I immediately went out and bought a drain catcher!

    1. Ewwwwww!!! I'd rather deal with children and animals!


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