Sunday, 16 September 2018

5 out of 10 households prefer Kormorant & Tetris

 The title.  What are you going on about?  What does it mean?
It doesn't mean anything!
 Actually, it's the best I could come up with on short notice for this hastily smushed together post.
Ah.  That explains it.
 Does it?  I'm still none the wiser.
So, what does it mean?
 Well, my SubC was right-
 Oh, shut up.  It doesn't really mean anything. Its just an amalgamation of Mago's amusing "Kormorant and Tetris" comment (because this post contains cormorants) on my most recent It's A Faaaake! post (Mago was describing Koromandis the Chandir, and th'Thanticar the Andorian), and the second part of this post which deals with five out of the most recent ten videos I've watched according to my YouTube Library History.
 What a strange combination.  What on Earth made you think these two disparate things would go together?
 Nothing!  I just thought that as so many of the posts here lately have been about the same tired old subject matter (beaches, cormorants and seals)- 
Because you, Witchface, can't be arsed to pull your finger out and write about Cusp-related goings-on and the like!
 Rude!  You could get off your arse and go somewhere other than the bloody beach, you know.
 I could, but I don't want to!  Anyway, I thought I'd try and liven up this post with something a little different, so be quiet and let me get on with it!
And "Hmmph!" from me, too!

 Right.  Now that those two have shut the Hells up, let's get on with this, shall we?  The following photos are from Thursday 13th September:

The End-of-the-Line

Two out of three cormorants said they preferred to have a head...


 And now for part two. In no particular order, and for no reason other than I thought they were quite a diverse selection, here are five of the ten videos I've most recently watched courtesy of YouTube:

Martin Prince stars as The Queen of Summertime (from The Simpsons sixth season episode "Bart of Darkness" - one of my favourite eps).  I'd searched for this clip to link to in a comment at Trek BBS (where all my It's A Faaaake! Star Trek art is posted)

Mistress Maddie's extremely hot gardener, who looks an awful lot like my surly (and sadly not shirtless) postman. 

The Blaster Beam musical instrument designed in the 1970s, which featured in the sound effects and musical scores from several sci-fi films, including Star Trek (of course)

Discovered at io9: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - A show I'm considering watching

Annie Lennox's "Money Can't Buy It" - a recent earworm

 What about you?  What does your YouTube/ViewPure top ten look like?

P.S. The "five out of ten" part also reminds me of Mitzi's Food For Queens post...


  1. What beautiful pictures as always cutie!!! I have missed you. I have almost had my fill of the beach...I enjoyed every minute as I'm about two hours from the beach here, unlike your skip, jump and roll down a hill. As for gardener, I'll send him over to play the part of postman if you like, but alas, I hear he only does the rear deliveries.

    1. Drat! I knew I shouldn't have moved into a chateau without a back door...

  2. I really should get my act together and revive my abandoned blog...
    And thank you for the shags.

    1. Abandoned? Why, it's only been a month and a half.
      But, yes, now that you've had all those shags you can pull yourself together and show us what's on your mind.

  3. Awesome seal pics! The pics of the sand, sea, and the wooden wave breakers with the shimmering reflection of sunlight are stunning! They would make great postcards, posters, and large framed wall art! Tourists love those scenes! So will anyone who adores nature fotos and seaside charm.

    Oh, Martin Prince, you make me laugh! Love, Love, Love Annie Lennox!!! One of the greatest and most extraordinary singers ever! An iconic artist, a divine voice, a Muse come down from the heavens! A true star!

    My top recently viewed vids:

    Because of the heavy rains:

    1. Tom Holland, Spiderman, reminding us to use our umbrellas and demonstrating why he is the King of Lip Sync battles. Better than Rihanna.

    2. Milli Vanilli, Blame it on the rain . Yes, they were lip syncing. But they were the best at it! Forget the Grammy, they should've gotten an Oscar and a BAFTA! Still love the song.

    My fave songs to start the day with as of late,

    3. Celia Cruz, La tiene negra tumbao. An old fave! Awesome song. Fantastic video. I love doing laundry--the smell of clean clothes and their warmth. But I don't ever recall the laundromat being this exciting!

    Yes, there's a Latin theme going on, especially with my next song on my morning playlist:

    4. Paulina Rubio, Si tu te vas. Gets me pumped up for the day.

    And for a good laugh, I can always count on:

    5. The Golden Girls. Who doesn't love image consultants?

    1. I shall never tire of that Tom Holland Lip Sync masterpiece - thank you for bringing it to my attention Eros, and reminding me of it again today!

  4. If you don't mind, I will post my top five/ten videos at my place.

    1. I suppose that's acceptable.. I'll pop over shortly!

  5. The Gardener looks very much like my old window cleaner Ian, he always had a knack of catching me naked coming out of the shower, we never did get to play chamois and bucket.

    I've replied to Queen's Food post from 4 years ago, sorry about the delay.

    1. You might not have played chamois & bucket, but did he at least give you a once over with his squeegee?

  6. Your postman wears a shirt? Lowering of standards, disgusting.
    When I was a child our milkman used to do his rounds wearing swimming trunks!
    The clip from Golden Girls of Blanche praying would appear on my list, and currently several Madness videos.

    1. And for the last couple of cooler, rainy days, he's taken to wearing some sort of kaghoul (I know it isn't spelled with an h, but it is ghoulish)!

    2. P.S. I bet you raced to the door when you heard the clinking of bottles, didn't you?!


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