Friday, 28 September 2018

Last Days of Summer

Wednesday's sun rise

 Despite Summer having been over for almost a month, the weather didn't get the message and continued with sunshine and warm (if not downright hot) temperatures for most of September.  There were a few days of clouds, rain and mid-teen temperatures, but they were soon boiled away.
 Now, however, our Indian Summer appears to have come to an end as Autumn takes over.  Although, the forecast is still looking pretty good for the first half of October, as the temperatures are only set to drop to between 14-16°C.

 Anyway, Wednesday was spent baby-sitting Count Podgekinson, which entailed two walks around the village and surrounding environs in the hope that he'd fall asleep in his push-chair.  Only the morning walk was successful in that regard.  

 Here are the photos from the walks:  

I wheeled Count Podgekinson down onto the promenade hoping that the proximity to the sound of the sea would send him to sleep.  It didn't. 

Cromer Pier in the distance

Tippi Hedren foolishly thought she could take her boat out...

It looks far more dramatic facing East...

… than it does facing West

This is the view from Madam's Lane during the afternoon perambulation.  The white dot in the trees on the horizon is Cromer Lighthouse, and the grey dot amongst the trees in front of it is the top of Overstrand church tower

I took Count Podgekinson down onto the prom again.  Facing East in the afternoon isn't as dramatic as doing so in the morning

 Then, the following photos are from yesterday, the last day of basking under blue skies and temperatures in the low twenties (Celsius - that's 70-75°F for those in the US), and probably my last sea swim of the year.  Well, for the foreseeable, anyway.  Who knows, we may get some more balmy weather later in October, but I doubt it?

This is where I stopped for my swim.  That's the End-of-the-Line in the distance

When I first arrived, there were no lifeforms clinging to the end of this groyne.  That soon changed, however

Gah!  Someone call an exorcist!

These Cormorants swam from the End-of-the-Line (or beyond), diving for fish as they did so

Now you see me...

… Now you don't!

The End-of-the-Line

A queue of Cormorants, patiently waiting for their turn to move to the end and dive off


 That's it for today. The next post may be Star Trek-related (if I pull my finger out and actually come up with something for this month's art challenge), or it could feature hot, naughty dancers and relatives from the future.
 Hope you all have great weekends!


  1. Sob, sob. I do hate the dratted changeover of the seasons. The extensive gardens here at Dolores Delargo Towers only get a few shafts of sun during the day now, thanks to the bastard weed trees, and there certainly isn't enough to bask/sit in when I get in from work during the week - but, oh! the sunsets... Jx

    PS I hooted at your "Tippi Hedren moment".

    1. Oh, yes, the lowering sun is quite depressing. Also, annoying due to the increasing amount of squinting one has to do to see anything!

  2. Is this anything like Last of the Summer Wine? If so, I'll take a nice light red dessert wine please.

    1. There's a whole bottle just for you as I'm on the white!

  3. What a lovely couple of days. And the beach and the weather cooperating, yay.

    1. We've been quite spoilt this summer (and Autumn, so far), Peenee. I hope you have too, and that you're getting plenty of use out of that impressive roof terrace?

  4. What splendid fotos of the birds! Even the filthy, flying rats--seagulls--seem quite interesting next to the magnificent cormorants. The demonic cormorant is ready for Halloween!

    Tippi shouldn't have had a picnic in an open boat.

    1. Ah, yes, I should have guessed. That cormorant is practising for Hallowe'en!

      And, you're right: Tippi should have known better!

  5. What is that cormorant doing, twisting round like that? Were you flashing a fish at him?
    It may be September, but this means Strictly is back! Have you any favourites yet?

    1. Oh! I have a Strictly themed post half prepared! In fact, it's been half prepped (or, half baked, perhaps) for the past week - I just can't be bothered to finish it.

      Flashing at a cormorant? If I did, you can be sure it wasn't a tiddler that caught his attention!


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