Sunday, 5 November 2017

Where the Moon Hides Her Tears (part 2)

Last night's moon
(as seen from the smallest room)
  After a day of drizzle and murk yesterday, this morning arrived clear and bright.  Although, it is not expected to last...

 As I hadn't been down to the beach in a while, and inspired by Ms Scarlet's recent blue skies, I thought I'd make the most of this break in the weather and capture the sun over the sea.

  I was not disappointed:

Sunrise over Sidestrand

Scary old house only looks scary because it's dark.  Remind you of anything?

Well, it doesn't look like I'll be enjoying a morning walk on the beach...


  Finally, and vaguely related, here's the hauntingly beautiful new "Tears in Rain" track from Blade Runner 2049:

(You can see the original version here)


  1. Does anyone live in that house?

    1. Sometimes. I think it's someone's holiday home rather than a permanent abode?
      If they're lucky, they won't arrive one day to find their house is now at the bottom of the cliff...

    2. Looks like something to do with Witch Wringers....
      And the final beach picture? If that's in your calendar, put a "sold" sticker on it for me!

    3. Or, possibly, Witch Piercers...?

      Well, that's two months sorted for the calendar! But, really? The last picture? I'm only surprised because it was a quick shot to show how far in the tide was (yet, still not as high as it could have been).

  2. Wonderful pix!

    Friday morning was very murky here, but cleared during the day. At the football game that night I watched a beautiful orangey harvest moon rise. By the time I got home that night the silvery moon light was bright enough for me to easily find the house key!

    1. PS: Will you be doing anything in particular to celebrate Bonfire Night?

    2. Ms Scarlet's Murk has certainly been spreading itself about, hasn't it?! But I'm glad to hear it couldn't fend off the light of a silvery moon. Who needs batteries or electricity!

      Actually, don't chuck out the electricity just yet. Naked flames are a bit of a faux pas around witches - We are ever so flammable! (So, no. No dancing around a bonfire for me)

  3. I saw something like that in my smallest room but it doesn't have a window!

    1. I don't suppose you saw this similar thing in the mirror while bending over to retrieve an errant shower cap, did you?

  4. What a radiant Moon! And what a glorious Sun! Thank you for sharing these stunning fotos of the such magnificent celestial bodies. The sea looks quite invigorated, ready to do nature's work for the day.

    As much as I find the themes and concepts of Blade Runner quite fascinating and intriguing, like A Space Odyssey 2001, it lacks a cohesive plot and there's no unifying flow. The characters are promising but not fully developed, and their interactions seem disconnected. It's as if I'm skipping through channels, seeing just enough to get an idea of what's going on, but not seeing the whole picture. And that's Blade Runner and Space Odyssey, it's like a collection of unrelated stories being cut and pasted together, lacking an overall cohesiveness and felt jarring in the plot flow and storytelling.

    The new Blade Runner theme song is unique. And in the end, that's the appeal of Blade Runner, Space Odyssey, and other cult classics: They may not make sense and lack plot simpatico, but they are different, intriguing, and present fascinating ideas and concepts.

    1. I must admit, I found Blade Runner (and BL 2049) somewhat inscrutable (I think that's the word I'm looking for?) - a bit like looking into a crystal ball, or bowl of ink, where images are recognisable and understandable, but don't come together with any sense. It's up to the observer to make the best sense of it that they can.
      However, I love both Blade Runners (and 2OO1: A Space Odyssey. And Gattaca. And Star Trek: The Motion Picture!) for their gorgeous visuals. And music!

  5. Anonymous6/11/17 12:14

    The moon reminded me of something I just have read :

    WHIRRING, walking
    On the tree-top,
    Three poor witches
    Mow and mop.
    Three poor witches
    Fly on switches
    Of a broom,
    From their cottage room.
    Like goat's beard rivers,
    Black and lean,
    Are Moll and Meg,
    And Myrrhaline.

    This is the beginning of a longish poem by Ms Sitwell that is clearly influenced by a piece of Walter de la Mare (here).
    And then you come with the picture of the moon.

    And when I look at the sun over the sea rising I hear old hippie songs in my head, something from the imagined Doors-Ramarama-corner ...

    1. We must be in synch, Mago. Perhaps it is our "time of the month"?

      P.S. Thank you for the Walter de la Mare link.

  6. Anonymous6/11/17 22:17

    Bleeding obviously ?

    I doubt.

    (Couldn't resist, sorry)

    1. Ha! We should have our own show on Infomaniac!

  7. Anonymous7/11/17 22:06

    "The Real Statler & Waldorff Show" ?


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