Wednesday, 15 November 2017

"I am not enjoying myself very much"*

Or: Weekend Walkies on Wednesday!

  The following photos were taken on Saturday afternoon as I walked in to Cromer along the beach.  I needed some fresh air and exercise after eating almost my own body weight of "beige food" at work on Friday (we had a buffet for someone's leaving do, which was placed on the empty desk next to me!), and spending most of Saturday morning dealing with sisters and their various offspring.
  I decided to go to Cromer to see if I could find a suitable prize for Savvy's Tin Foil Hat win (I did say I'd send the prize "whenever I can be bothered", remember?).
  Anyway.  Photos: 

The offshore supply ships Vos Grace and Vos Gorgeous.
I've never seen them together like this before.

I'm sure that cloud is nothing to worry about, girls...

Overstrand beach with Cromer Pier in the distance

Two panoramic shots of Cromer beach
(I'd completely forgotten about this feature of Camera's)

On approach to Cromer Pier

Cromer's West beach
(The houses on the left aren't really leaning - I think it's something to do with perspective and Camera's settings...?)

Incoming clouds

Sunset behind Cromer...

... which was an ideal vista to break out the panoramic function again...

... but my brain clearly didn't engage so there's three separate shots instead!

* Post title by Winston Churchill, and immortalised on Cromer promenade (above)

Leaving Cromer

(This is a bit blurry because I was back in Overstrand at this point, and it was quite dark, so Camera had a bit of a job trying to work out what I wanted a photo of.  Plus, it was very windy and I couldn't hold Camera still enough for a longer exposure shot)


  P.S. I did find something for Savvy and went to the Post Office with it this morning!


  1. The houses on the left aren't really leaning - I think it's something to do with perspective and Camera's settings...?

    Or one too many gin and tonics?

    1. How very dare you! One can never have too many gin & tonics!

      Maybe your personal I.T. consultant has an explanation?

  2. I love those beach huts , my husbands family own one similar

    1. They're quite lovely and quaint, aren't they. Although, I think they look a little sad in the winter when they're all shut up (or strewn over the beach...)

  3. "The houses on the left aren't really leaning"

    Due to the optical property of radial distortion at the outer edge of the lens.

    I like the panorama shots!

    1. Thank you for sharing your technological knowledge, and scaring me with those hideous looking software correction calculations (more complicated than witchcraft!). I shall now have a G&T (or twelve) to get over it!

  4. Well, I'm very glad you told us that Churchill said those words. I thought "some people" who hang out here might have been given to make lewd comments about your pastimes.

    Stunning pics again.If I come back to Blighty next year I must pop over to Cromer.

    1. Unless Churchill had a fleeting glimpse into the future and espied some of the aforementioned "pastimes"...?

      Is a visit to the Old Dart on the cards, then? It'd be lovely to see you, if so!

  5. I believe the town square of Stoke has the words 'What a shithole' emblazoned prominently across it. I forget who said it...

    1. Many people, I suspect?

      Not that I share that opinion, of course. After all, I've never been there. Although, if it's a shithole, then I don't want to go...

  6. Thanks for sharing such interesting perspective shots of the area. In that first pic of Vos Grace and Vos Gorgeous, I couldn't help but wonder at their names, and if there was a Vos Grand or a Vos Glamorous. Also, the windmills behind them awed me, because I wondered, How is it that they avoid crashing into those windmills in the sea? Is there a barrier or a patrol of sorts to keep wandering or inattentive ships from colliding with those windmills?

    Luv the skies and beach shots--very intriguing. And Cromer looks lovely in the sunset. Luv the dynamic, almost haunting effect of the leaning houses and stretched/spliced together views of the beach and houses.

    Of all the things that Churchill said, that's the one that the town decides to commemorate? I don't get it. Perhaps he said it after seagulls harassed him as he was eating his plate of fish and chips on the pier. Them seagulls be aggressive, greedy, filthy flying rats!

    1. As far as I'm aware, there's no barrier around the wind farm. The Vos Gs are supply ships to the windmills, gas rigs et al, so I would think they have to get pretty close - but, perhaps not during high seas?

      Churchill probably said a lot of things during his stay in Cromer. But maybe this was the least objectionable?

      I did see a flock of seagulls (not the 80s band) harassing a family who were eating chips on the beach. I laughed!

  7. All beautiful as always. About half way down, what is the big stone or brick building , center up on the hill? Looks like a hotel maybe? It looks beautiful.

  8. Did you know that George Westmore was Winston Churchill's barber?
    We had a cloudless day here today. I was almost tempted to do another blue sky post.

    1. I did not know that. But now I know that Michael Westmore, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise make-up artist is George's grandson!

      You should have shown us your blue sky again! We enjoyed a morning of blue, but then it turned overcast and drizzly.

    2. Oh! I've just caught up at The Very Mistress's and seen her Ern Westmore post - featuring George Westmore!


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