Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Escape with Evil Edna

  I've been thinking about how quickly this year has seemed to pass, and how close we are to the end of times 2017.  And that means that I need to be working on my end-of-year review, AKA: The Coven Awards!
  After all, we don't want another debacle like last year...

  Do we?

  Anyway, around this time last year, I was thinking along similar lines, and roped in Evil Edna to facilitate a televisual treat-filled blog post in preparation for the end-of-year review.  So, as I've got nothing else planned, why not rehash the whole thing?  Only this time with videos!

  Here's a little taster of what's to come:

  Just like last year, I've tried to categorise the shows so it's not just a big ol' list, but a few could live quite happily in several of the categories I've come up with.  I've also added a few notes, such as Watched (meaning I've seen the whole season/series), In Progress (still going through it), Binge Watched (self explanatory) etc.

The BBC:

The Great British Bake Off - series 8: Not Watched because it's no longer on the Beeb and Mary Berry has washed her hands of it!
Strictly Come Dancing - series 15: In Progress (why can't they all win?)

Strictly - It Takes Two - series 15: In Progress (hilarious and comforting - it's like being around a good friend's house to discuss Strictly Come Dancing)
Blue Planet II - In Progress (AWESOME!)

Further Back In Time for Dinner - Watched
Poldark - series 3: Watched (more Aidan Turner in various states of scowling, sweaty undress...)

The Creepy:

Black Mirror (Netflix) - season 3: Abandoned (too dystopian)
The Exorcist (Syfy) - season 1: Abandoned (even the sexy priest isn't a big enough draw to get me back)
Hemlock Grove (Netflix) - season 1: Abandoned (although it's still in my Watch list on Netflix, so I may revisit it...)
Fortitude (Sky Atlantic) - seasons 1 & 2: Watched (the first season of this frigid "whodunnit" set on a Norwegian island was a masterful slowburn psychological drama.  The second was just full on bonkers!)

Being Human (Netflix) - series 1-5: Watched (Aidan Turner!)

The Windsors (Channel 4) - series 2: Watched (this send-up of Royal Family life is hilarious!  Starring Charles & Camilla, Wills & Kate, Harry & Megan (and Pippa), and Beatrice & Eugenie. My favourite thing about it is the way they elongate the final word in a sentence - especially Beatrice & Eugenie.  Plus, I have a slight crush on Wills... clip below)

The Middle (Comedy Central) - season 8: In Progress
Modern Family (Sky One) - season 8: In Progress
That Mitchell and Webb Look (Netflix) - Series 1-4: Binge Watched
Miranda (Netflix) - series 1-2: Binge Watched
W1A (BBC) - series 3: Watched - (The fact is, there's a clip below.  Yes.  Exactly.)

Star Trek: Discovery (Netflix) - season 1: In Progress
Dark Matter (Syfy) - season 3: Watched
The Expanse (Netflix) - season 2: In Progress
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (Netflix) - season 1: Binge Watched

Killjoys (Syfy) - season 3: Watched

Homo Superior:
Legion (Channel 5) - season 1: Watched (a very stylish take on part of the X-Men universe, in particular, Professor X's son: David Haller, AKA Legion.)

The Gifted (Fox) - season 1: In Progress
Marvel's Jessica Jones (Netflix) - season 1: Binge Watched - Twice (By far the best of the Marvel shows in my opinion, and one of my favourite TV shows this year!)

Grimm (Watch) - season 6: Watched
Marvel's Agents of Shield: (Channel 4) - season 4: Watched
Marvel's Defenders (Netflix) - Watched
Marvel's DareDevil (Netflix) - seasons 1 & 2: Watched

  So.  That's me done (other than the occasional Octonauts and Paw Patrol thanks to The Little Witch).  What have you been watching?  Do you have a favourite TV show - something that you just can't miss?  Tell us all about it in the comments.


  1. I will not watch The Bake Off if there's no Mary Berry. She is the heart and soul of the show. She makes it classy and relatable, more genuine and joyful.

    Your SciFi list is similar to mine--I've enjoyed most of those shows. Just a few on your list (the Netflix Marvel ones, mostly) that I've yet to see. But I'll check them out on your recommendation. If you have some time, give SyFy's Z Nation a look. It's crazy, irreverent, and highly creative and entertaining--so different from the other more serious, dramatic, tragic zombie shows.

    Curious George is a must see when I have small children visit.

    1. I know you've mentioned Z Nation before, and I've meant to give it a try on your recommendation, but haven't found the time. Yet.

      I really enjoyed the 1st season of DareDevil, and only watched it because of Charlie Cox (I'm a big fan of Stardust). The 2nd season was good, but DD himself was getting a little annoying.
      Jessica Jones, however, was a revelation! Fantastic characters, great acting, thoughtful premise, and just very well done. Even David Tennant who leaves me cold, was excellent in this.

  2. I used to greatly enjoy Bake Off. But with Mary Berry, Mel Giedroyc, and Sue Perkins off the show, I no longer watch.

    I have never watched any of the others listed.

    Was an avid Top Gear fan. I watched a few of the episodes with the new hosts and can not stand it. I turned on the first episode of Top Gear America and turned it off after 20 minutes.

    I am looking forward to Season Two of The Grand Tour next month.

    1. I used to love Top Gear, too. Until it started getting so ridiculous, and more about Jeremy, Richard, and Captain Slow messing about. It used to be about the cars, and ever so slightly about the exceedingly smooth Quentin Wilson.

      I've never see The Grand Tour (and probably won't), but I hope it exceeds your expectations!

  3. What? No Blue Planet 2? [In fact, no factual programmes at all..?] Jx

    1. It's in the list, marked AWESOME in upper case.

    2. Ooh, yes! Up there in the first category. I meant to post a video - you've reminded me to find one now, thank you.

      And "Further Back in Time for Dinner" is pretty factual.

    3. Before the video was added, I obviously missed it. I must have blacked out at the mention of Strictly and Bake-Off. J

    4. Blacked out? With overexcitement, I expect...

    5. Oh, dear. Well, to be fair, I often wish I could instantly drop off whenever Tess Daly is doing her rubbish "presenting" bit, and then instantly wake up again when the dancing starts.

  4. I love the Windsors! Have you seen Psychobitches? I've only just discovered it and gone out of my mind.
    I'm fascinated you binge watched Dirk Gently - it just didn-t click with me which was a disappointment.
    Oh - Aunty Mary says hello.

    1. * curtseys for Aunty Mary *

      No, I've heard of Psychobitches but never seen it - I'll have to look for some clips (and try not to watch all "The Windsors" clips from the first series that I missed...). Oh, and I've just remembered that I also watched "That Mitchell and Webb Look".

      I must admit, I found the first episode of Dirk Gently to be very weird (which may sound a little weird itself coming from me), and Dirk himself was very grating. However, Elijah Wood kept me watching (I don't know what it is about him that I find so fascinating), and I'm glad I did. All the weirdness comes together in the end!

    2. Psychobitches is fantabulosa! "Missy" from Doctor Who as a sweary "Mary Queen of Scots"? Katy Brand as "Diana Dors"? Sheila Reid as "Mother Teresa"? Jack Whitehall as "Princess Diana"? Kathy Burke as "The Queen Mum"? And Mark Gatiss and Frances Barber as "Bette and Joan"? You will love it, I guarantee. Jx

    3. Bette and Joan are my favourites!

    4. Maybe it's because I'm tired and full of beige food (buffet at work for someone's last day - no pork pies though, "Diana"), but I've watched a few Psychobitches clips and wasn't even slightly amused. I tell a lie. Kathy Burke as the Queen Mum made me titter a bit. But Diana Dors, Mary Queen of Scots and Bette & Joan just didn't do it for me (it probably also didn't help that I kept thinking of French & Saunders' "Whatever Happened to Baby Dawn" while watching Bette & Joan).

  5. Most of that I wouldn't watch.The rest is not shown on my telly.
    I am hoping the ABC picks up Blue Planet 11.From the few clips I've seen it looks terrific.
    Oh! If the Holistic Detective was on here I'd watch that!

    1. Is there not a BBC Australia or something that shows Blue Planet II? Why should America get a BBC when not all of the Commonwealth do?!? Preposterous!

    2. According to Wikipedia: "the series will be premiered at Nine Network in February 2018." Jx

    3. There you go, Dinahmow (see what I did there). Only three months to go!

      Thanks, Jon

  6. Oh dear ... sorry ... I would have a look at Dirk Gently because I read the book ages ago. The other things may surely be nice to watch and all, I hope you enjoy it. I think I should now find out what "netflix" actually is.

    1. Apparently, this American version of Dirk Gently is only very loosely based on the book (which I haven't read, I'm ashamed to say). The British version is supposed to be a more faithful adaptation.

  7. Believe it or not, I still haven't watched "Poldark."

    However, have watched every episode of "Miranda" twice.

    1. Not. Watched. Poldark . . . ?

      Then where are you getting your daily does of Aidan Turner?!?

      (The double dose of Tom Ellis kind of makes up for a lack of Aidan, though)


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