Saturday 26 August 2017

The 2017 Tin Foil Hat Gallery!

Haven't we been here before?
 Hello and welcome to the 2017 Tin Foil Hat Gallery, the fourth such exhibit seen over the years in this little corner of Blogland. This being the fourth collection of international chapeaux de tin foil, it seemed fitting that the theme also be "four". How you, the designers, interpreted the theme was entirely at your own discretion, and I'm very pleased with the diversity and alternative takes that made it into the collection.
 An added extra to the theme, that of the rubber duck, came about via one of the SubConsciouses. I can't remember which one...
Hey! It was me!
 Oh, yes. The Host's SubC. I might have known you'd be responsible for such an act of triviality!
Actually, it wasn't trivial. The rubber duck, in thought and form,
has been a part of this competition since the very first one back in 2010
(scroll down to the text below LẌ's [then known as xl] masterpiece for the reference).
 I'd hardly call that a rubber duck of any substance!
And then, in the second collection in 2014, Tin Hat and Tales: Flights of Fancy,
Mago wowed us all with his creation: The Duck!
 Fine! So the rubber duck theme didn't come out of nowhere, then. Hmmph...
(Thank gods Witchface gave up then, as I couldn't find a reference to rubber ducks
in 2015's 10th Anniversary Tin Foil Top Hats and Tiaras collection...)
 What was that?!
 Hmmmm... Right, then. We'd better open the doors to the gallery and let you all peruse the 2017 Tin Foil Hat Collection: Tin-Four, Rubber Duck!

 As with previous year's galleries, please make your way around the collection and cast your discerning eye (or eyes, if you're not a Cylon) over these exquisite exhibits, and let us know in the comments, or by email (if you wish your vote to remain anonymous), upon whom you would bestow the winners' crown (made of tin foil, of course).
 Once voting is complete, should the result be a draw, then I will have the deciding vote, much like Head Judge Len Goodman on Strictly Come Dancing (although, not in the upcoming series as he's bloody well left!).

 Now, here are your Tin Foil Hats!


Coming at the theme sideways, Hound underwent considerable "pain and irritation" again (because he really enjoyed it last year, no matter what he may say to the contrary) to bring this revealing number to the fore...


Tin Foil Hat Competition with rubber duck by Andy Warhol

"Charmaine, what is it I have to do for Mr Devine?? Was it something to do with rubber gloves and a goose?? And I have to do it four times??!! Goodness me, but his competitions get more complicated each year. CHARMAINE, are you listening??? If I have to do something with a goose then I will need an extra roll of tin foil..... CHARMAINE, could you pop to the shops???"

"Don't worry Aunt Scarlet, I've done it. In between being an International peacekeeper and doing the dusting I've cobbled something together. It's called: Tin Foil Hat Competition with rubber duck by Andy Warhol. Mr Devine will love it!!"

"Oh my rubber duck!! That is jolly good, Charmaine..... but where are you going to put the goose and the gloves........??"


Ducks In A Row

"Anxiously awaiting the Great Eclipse of 21 August 2017 with protective gear in place."


Four-Feathered Fascinator

"This was supposed to be a fascinator with a veil, but foil is very very difficult to fine cut!! My R&D and actual attempt totally failed me!!"


Fantabulous Titfer

"Only crappy photos as I am rubbish at selfies*. Also, the wind was whipping the tin foil off and the bloody ducks were twirling about like those windmill things we used to get at fun-fairs."

* Don't worry Dinah, the "rubbish selfie" could have been part of this year's theme as the next two entries show...


There Are Four Lights!** Tea with Attila-The-Hun***
Darling - I set my head on fire for You !

Mago scraped in just past the deadline, but I was looking the other way at the time, so I had to allow it. Anyway, this is his excuse Tin Foil Hat:

"As it is, shit happens. Like when you know that there is this old kitchen table, and in its drawer is always a roll of tinfoil, but this time it is not. There is a roll of paper bags, of fridge bags (those that one uses for freezing things) - but no tin foil.
"So one makes it with what is at hands. In this case it is the tin foil of the old entry from last year (?), or so, well, a measured amount of foil anyway.
"Rummaging through the drawer produces four (!) tealights, a bit crumbled and worn, but nevertheless, four tealights.
"This must be an omen.
"I rest my case & here we go."

"Picture one shows me doing my best Attila-The-Hun impersonification wearing the four lights shown in picture two.
"Darling - I set my head on fire for You !"

** Mago didn't name his hat, but with his four lights I couldn't help but think of Star Trek.
*** Can you imagine having afternoon tea with Attila the Hun?  I think we'd run out of napkins pretty quickly...


and mine:
Punk Witch
Oof!  The bloody hat is too big to fit in the frame - even with the Host's freakishly long arms fully extended!  Stupid selfies...

This is my four-pointed homage to my first Tin Foil Hat creation back in 2010


 Now that you've made your way around the gallery, please show your appreciation by voting for your favourite Tin Foil Hat (with or without rubber duck/s). You have until midnight on Thursday 31st August to cast your votes, either in the comments or by emailing me (if you wish your vote to be anonymous). I shall then announce the winner on Friday 1st September.****

 Finally: A huge thank you to all the artistes who managed to find time in their busy schedules to design, construct, and submit their tin foil creations for this year's collection. Without you, I would have had to resort to making several hats and pretending that each one was made by a sudden new blogger (whose profiles and blogs I would also have to make up), and I think you all know that I'm far too lazy to go to all that palaver!

**** Yes, OK, I did previously give a slightly longer voting window, but, quite frankly, I can't be bothered to wait that extra day!


  1. Bravo! What an exciting exhibition from our Host With The Most to all the Minions!

    Oh, my. This is a difficult choice this year given all the fine work. I am especially torn between Dinah's and Herr Mago's excellent chapeaux. Dinah's ducks are especially nice. However, in the end, I vote for Herr Mago since he obviously suffered the most for his art.

    PS: Miss Scarlet's lot might want to have that rash seen about.

  2. My vote goes to Mago, as well! I plan on spending the rest of the time until the next competition trying to figure out how to cut a fine mesh foil veil! I truly don't understand how I confused pheasant feathers with rubber ducks, sweetpea! ;) xoxox

  3. Applause, applause, applause.... and seal clapping aplenty. I think Mr Hound's entry could give people some funny ideas for next year.... Savvy's is so glamorous.... Mr Devine's.... so interesting, and perfectly quackers from every angle.... Mr Lax is a man after my own heart... Mr Mags - subverting the theme and flirting with danger in a thought provoking way.... sigh.... so hard to choose who to vote for.... BUT... yes, my vote goes to Dinah - I love it!!!! I love those little ducklings on the brim of her foil trilby - I want it!!!
    This completes the voting from Devon.

    1. What want my tatty titfer? Goodness me! I'm all overcrumbled.I'll need to find a VERY BIG box to pack it in...

  4. Such a lot of fun, these hat contests!
    Mr LX, you did indeed get your birds in a row(even if one is a goose and one is a loon) and they look so cute with their wee bonnets!
    The hound. Oh dear! I'm not sure what to say, except that it appears to be oven-ready!
    Scarlet's duck-hats are very neatly made.I never thought Charmaine would take so much trouble.
    And Savvy - what happened to the pheasant???? The poor bird is running about bare-bummed cos you've got his feathers!
    Mago...well! I'm surprised you didn't need medical attention after wearing FOUR lighted candles on your head!Foolhardy in the extreme,sir!
    And as for the Punk Witch...I'm very taken with the spikiness.
    Oh dear, I can't pick a winner. Perhaps I can just go away and have a think and pop back later?
    Well done, all round!

  5. Oh dear it's very difficult but my vote is for Savvy's fascinator - despite not being what was intended it has an elegance about it.
    I forgot to say that a duck did come in to my creative process:

  6. Love them all - and I must admit that Hound's "rubber dickie" was rather inspired [incidentally, why do so many sex toys for women look like something from the far reaches of HR Giger's imagination?]. But I digress. Although the dead pheasant fascinator was intriguing, I thing it must be Miss Mow's windblown cartoon duck-n-pie combo that wins the day.

    It's all getting very "Elsa Schiaparelli" around here... Jx

  7. Reynolds Wrap old recipe of "tenting your turkey" comes to mind with Hound's submission. Or maybe I shouldn't use the word, "submission."

  8. Oh shit, I had to much gin on my travels and used the foil for a good braising on the grill. I'm still away and had to see the gallery for myself. Your's is very Leigh Bowery dear....and I love those piercing eyes!!! They startled my at first.

    Well I MUST SAY Savvy's and Scarlett's are my favorite. I do love me some peasant feathers and would gladly wear it....and Scarlett 's too. But alas....the only head it would fit would be on my....ah, well......

    Anyway......Bravo to all!!!!!!!

  9. Well, I needed a drink before I could think.I didn't get drunk, but I have thunk.I vote for the Punk

  10. Seems like the bar has been lifted again... with the high standard of entries this year... sorry I missed it darlings but I was busy holding up a bar on the other side of the country at a Nephews wedding. Combined the event with a 2 week stay with the Empress for a well earned break. Lovely catch up with family and friends in the West but nice to be home again now.
    I vote for Savvys spectacular! Congrats to all the other wonderful creatives on being arsed to make an effort... unlike myself! But there is always next time ...

  11. This is difficult - is there a deadline ?

    1. There *was* a deadline, but if you can get your vote in before midday, I shall allow it.

  12. Aaaah - *panick* ... Savannah !

    There, I saied it !

  13. Hey - 11:07 ? Damn time zones ! I'm an hour ahead in Franconia. Anyway, I voted - thank you for allowing me in IDV.

  14. Best Tinfoil Hat compo yet.

    Well done, Bitches.

    1. They were all rather good, weren't they?! It's a shame you missed it, but there's always next year (or, whenever I'm next at a loss for a series of posts...).


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