Saturday, 5 August 2017

Clifftop Calamities* (with added Cormorants)

 I took Broom out for a daytime spin the other day- 
I know, daring, eh?
 Well, it was a bit. Anyway, we went for a spin and managed to get a few snaps-
When Broom wasn't wobbling alarmingly - and on purpose, too!
Quite. Anyway... these snaps may please Dinahmow, but add to the concern of Mago and Hound, and cause some vexation to Ms Scarlet (although she seems to have moved on from cormorants to cover fields instead...).
Because cormorants are so last year!
 Anyway... We "enjoyed" a rather white-knuckle jaunt down the coast a little way, skimming the cliffs of Overstrand and Sidestrand as you can see here:

Overstrand village as seen from Sidestrand (Chateau** DeVice is hidden in the trees behind and to the left of the white building on the far right)

End of the Line as seen from space quite high up, actually.
Hang on a minute... What are those little blobs...?

Oh. It's you lot.

Kathy Bates would be very cross.

Dirty birdies!

Right. We'll leave you lot behind and carry on

Ah. Here's something a bit more interesting

Slumped cliffs (rather like the posture of a morose and surly teenager, but without the attitude) with various geological formations or somesuch
A close up. I can't quite believe all this muck managed to dry out and crack like this - it's been so wet here lately!

Anyway, on we go

Wait! What's that in the distance?

Oh. It's just the Eye of Horus

Another colony of cormorants (with some gull interlopers, it seems)

Right. That's it. Let's just buzz that boat then we can go home.


 Here's a little preview of what you can expect next time:

* OK, so there weren't any actual calamities, but there could have been...
** Chateau DeVice renamed from Castle DeVice with absolutely no permission asked of Hound.



  1. I always say you can't beat a shag on a groyne. And here you've got multiple shags!!! Thank you.

    1. And look what a mess they've made! If there are going to be shags on a groyne, then the very least they could do is wipe up afterwards.

  2. ♪ ♫ The hills are alive
    with the sound of cormorants
    with some gull interlopers
    thrown in too ♪ ♫

    Maybe this qualifies as a calamity?

    1. A calamity indeed! I think I can hear the Mother Superior coming - You'd better hide, LẌ!

  3. I looked to the far right for Chateau deVice but could see only sea so must assume it's already collapsed into the sea. Sorry. Hope it was insured.

  4. Anonymous8/8/17 01:52

    All those shags ... but may I gently remind you, dear IDV, that I showed you mine, and now it's up to you to show yours, possibly in action ? You promised !
    With parts all oiled, the rubber, and the dirt, tah.

    1. Oh, cripes, yes! I had completely forgotten. I mean, it has been so wet and dull here that I couldn't possibly have unsheathed my large and rather unwieldy apparatus for fear of being doused in all manner of moistness!
      I shall endeavour to get it out for all to see in our next bout of sunshine!


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