Wednesday, 28 September 2016


 Here we go with part two of my September snapping. And what better way to begin than with a cormorant - I'm nothing if not consistent. Except when I'm not, of course...
 Anyway, what follows is another four days worth of photos from the beach and the woods.
 Try not to fall asleep those of you at the back...


Thursday, 15th September

I popped down to Overstrand beach for a swim, but it was a little...

... rough!

Not to mention choppy.

These winkles were secreting themselves in the cool, dark crevices of the groynes, waiting for the tide to come in again

I did manage a swim in the end, as by the time I'd fannied about taking photos of cormorants, winkles, and the like, the tide had gone out a bit and calmed down somewhat

Oh, dear. Another bad day for Tippi Hedren...

Look who popped up once Tippi and The Birds had gone past


Sunday, 18th September

Having lolled about the house all morning, I went out for a quick walk in Northrepps after lunch...

... and was observed by this family of Roe Deer

I think this is the youngster

Mother and daughter/son

A bit further on, I spied a family of Muntjac deer and some pheasants

Near the aerodrome, I spied G-SNUG...

... G-CETO...

... and some sort of biplane, the registry of which I couldn't see

Teasel seed heads


Thursday, 22nd September

What a surprise!

Broom resolutely refused to fly, Car had been nabbed by Inexcuseable, and Bike had a puncture, so I ended up making my way down the cliff for a swim in Cromer

Now that the summer holidays are over, Cromer beach has an acceptably low level of people - few enough that I felt comfortable enough to swim there

Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm off to the north-west

This is the view from the cliff-top at Cromer Lighthouse - I took my swim on the right-hand side of that groyne/breakwater down there


Saturday, 24th September

Another swm in Cromer - same spot as Thursday

Fancy seeing you here!


 And, that's it!



  1. You and your groynes and winkles... and cormorants... and dark moist place.... okay, okay, I will post my cormorant, but put it this way, he is not a poser.

    P.S Those groynes would make a lovely coffee table.

    1. I have just come from yours, and your cormorant is very minimalist. And much better behaved than the unruly lot here!

      There was a lovely big bit of groyne just laying around on the sand last week that would have made a splendid coffee table. I managed to carry it about three feet before I gave up, dropped it, and flounced off contemplating a gym membership!

    2.'re like a footballer, hobbling off with a groin strain? From now on I'll imagine them hefting ruddy great groyne timbers, like cabers.

    3. The way that lot carry on, I would think a cocktail stick would suffice!

  2. I loaded the bi-plane pix into Photoshop to enlarge it. Bad news. The registration: F-B0T!

  3. There is nothing more unsavoury than a wrinkled groin... You were wearing that itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polkadot bikini again wern't you!
    I say wear your polkadots loud and proud...

    1. Well, I'm wondering if I might go for a head-to-toe Victorian number to prvent all this groyne shrivelling?

  4. via land, sea or device takes you there!

    1. Do you think I should up my ticket prices, Norma?

  5. What fantastic fotos of the rough seas! Those pics are dynamic & action packed. The shots of the critters are interesting as always, I esp. love the seal. Though I'm starting to wonder, is he the only seal in the area? Is that his territory?

    The landscape fotos are fabulous as always--what stunning vistas! But the shots of the winkles & deer made me hungry for winkles & venison! Delicious! Not only have you manage to serve up fotos of the tough surf, you've also managed to serve up surf & turf!

    1. Perhaps I should open a seaside restaurant? And that lonely seal had better watch it - he could end up as the main course!

  6. Ms Scarlet grabbed everything I wanted to say!
    Nice to see a witchcraft post about the roebuck in the thicket!

    1. You have to be quick off the mark to beat Ms Scarlet to the dark, moist places!

      Drat! If only I'd thought of the Cochrane connection when I was constructing this post.


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