Sunday, 25 September 2016


Sunday, 4th September
 Due to the Frogbot-related nincompoopery of the last few posts, you may think that you've escaped the tedium of dozens of photos from my, by now totally predictable, beach, garden, and woods related escapades. Well, think again!
 Despite the Frogbot induced wailing and gnashing of teeth, I have had time to get down to the beach and take enough photos for one or two slideshows.
 Now, this might feel like 900 photos, but I can assure you that there are certainly no more than 890-odd... No, this is my 900th post! And it's only taken eleven years to get here...

 Right. on to the photos. And because there are so many, I'm going to split this post up into the days that the photos were taken, and only post half of them now. Part Two I'll publish in a couple of days or so. As ever, click to embigulate!


Wednesday, 7th September

A Little Egret fishing - possibly the same one that I saw (and misidentified as a Great White Egret) here

The - now ubiquitous - cormorants


Thursday, 8th September

Hello, my terrifyingly close-up friend!


Sunday, 11th September

Yikes! After being buzzed by AirBerlin, I decided not to go out on Broom...

... besides, this lot from Northrepps Aerodrome made local arial navigation a bugger - G-AVJK





Wednesday, 14th September

Overstrand east beach (looking west)

The east beach with Sidestrand and Trimingham in the distance

End of the line in Sidestrand

Sidestrand beach, with Trimingham in the distance (and Mundesley a bit further on)

I didn't walk all the way to Trimingham - I was getting peckish, so I turned back not long after this

The - quite impressive - cliffs fading into the morning mist looking back to Overstrand
The next few photos are for any geologists (or whatnot) who may be watching

A pair of redshanks (I think?)

A cormorant beating a hasty getaway, possibly after being disturbed by...

... a seal. "Now you seal me...

... now you don't!"


 That's it for now. Tune in next time for part two of this scintillating slide show!


  1. I am suspicious of G-FIZZ. Perhaps a clever reference to champagne, i.e. Frogbot!

  2. Awesome fotos as always! What fantastic shots of the wildlife! The white egret opening its wings & the captures of other interesting seabirds make the beaches look lively. The creepy, colorful spider looks cool & scary & exciting at the same time! Luv the seal magician! So playful!

    That's a lot of neat planes zooming overhead, & it's quite impressive how you manage to identify them & name them (as you do with the wildlife & plants). I'd be like, small plane, medium plane, & big airliner--totally clueless, unless it was a seaplane, which I can identify with its landing gear, especially when it lands on the sea, so yeah, that is the extent of my aviation knowledge.

    The beach fotos are gorgeous, as always--beautiful vistas, golden sands, with warm, bright sunlight. But the most spectacular shots are of the majestic & marvelous cliffs! So intricate, magnificent, & so stunning. What beautiful formations & nature sculpted creations! I'd be tempted to scale & explore those cliffs, assuming it was safe & permitted, of course. That looks like a high & rough place to fall down.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful fotos!

    1. I know fig-all about planes, Eros. Look again at those photos - Camera managed to capture the registries, which enabled me to repeat them!

      As for the cliffs: You're right. They are high, rough, prickly, swampy, slippery, quicksand/muddy, and avalanchey to climb. While climbing isn't prohibited, it is most definitely frowned upon. Especially when a helicopter has to come and air-lift some hapless clod out of danger!

  3. I love the fishing egret. And I see a gull in with the shags (can't be fagged typing cormorants )

    A lovely outing.Thank you. And your cliffs are very Vera Lynn!

    1. Hah! I know what you mean about "cormorants" - Even now I still want to type "cormarents"...

      Yes, some bits of the cliff a very white just like Dover's, while the rest are just a horrid clag of clay and mud.

  4. I am strangely excited by your first plane picture and didn't even glance at Aidan. How peculiar.
    Meanwhile, my Cormarant might make an appearance this week.

    1. Peculiar indeed. Perhaps Aidan was on that plane?

      I am on the edge of my seat with cormorant-related anticipation!

  5. Oh dear...someone call a medic. The lovely Scarlet is unwell!

    1. Anonymous26/9/16 13:18

      I think it's only a minor coming-out, dearest Dinahmow.

    2. It's quite a disturbing turn of events.

  6. Once again... Lovely snapping...

  7. Congratulations - you don't look a day over 899... Jx

  8. Anonymous26/9/16 13:22

    Congratulations IDV !

  9. Disappointed not to see you posing nude.
    No egrets, that's the key.

    1. I want to groan, but I actually grinned!
      Now, I must find that Robbie Williams and the Pet Shop Boys video on YouTube...


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