Sunday, 18 September 2016

Accepting the Frogbot

 OK. We've come to a decision. And, somewhat miraculously, no SubCs got hurt, no brain cells were fried (yes, "fried", not "fired"), and the dithering was kept to under a week!

 With thanks to ErosWings - who has also been blighted by the 'bot - we've decided a) not to make this blog private, b) to republish all previously infected posts just as they are, and c) to just put up with Frogbot as something like a force of nature (albeit a very annoying one) and ignore the falsely inflated stats. This will also stop Witchface from putting out a bowl of HTML every evening in the hope that Frogbot will go for that rather than our posts...


  1. Replies
    1. Lovely picture of Marine LePen. Or is it her Dad? Jx

  2. I've told myself that if I ever get frustrated by the overinflated fake hits from the frogbot, it's time to get Stat Counter. Until then, I'm going to be like you and just accept the frogbot as I do accept that sometimes, frogs should be allowed to live in ponds & trees & not just be seasoned, floured, then deep fried in a pot of oil for their delicious, tasty legs.

  3. So what's the next item of business?

  4. ....sorry distracted by Aidan again..... got my mind on a different sort of bot....

  5. I am wondering if frogbots could be kept as pets? Or whether they would have magical uses? Certainly the way your own bot conducts itself, it sounds like the perfect familiar for me!
    Of course your bot may be behind the fact I can sign into one of my accounts but not the other so can't comment on my own blog, merde.

  6. So we're back to business as usual then?
    All this talk of frogbots got me to look at my own stats. They rearly move... Guess I'm not that interesting any more... tho I did stop posting with tags some years ago... However I did notice a serious interest in "cameltoes" in the search data making "The Cameltoe Cup" one of the most viewed my posts of all time!

  7. Oh bother! I thought I'd posted a witty comment, with a link to the Arrogant Frog Winery. Perhaps I'd imbibed a little too much Arrogant Frog?
    Anyway, should anyone want to know what the heck I'm blathering about, just google Arrogant Frog wines. It's the labels I love!


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