Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sunday Music

 It seems that Rubbish Creepycous-cous has attracted the attentions of that diabolical French 'bot. I'm not entirely sure at this point, though, so I'm going to leave it up for another day or two before deciding whether to revert it to draft or leave it published.
 In the meantime, here are a couple of pieces of music that have taken my fancy lately.

 I only clicked on ONSEN's Follow the Numbers because that's Gates McFadden looking concerned/wistful - the USS Enterprise's Doctor Beverly Crusher!
 I wasn't expecting to like the music, but I actually do. There's a little bit of background about how Gates came to star in this video here.

 And this is the latest Royksopp-related release: Never Ever feat. Susanne Sundfør.

 Happy Sunday everyone, and apologies to Mago for stealing his Sunday Music riff.


  1. Maybe have a bit of fun with the frogbot with a French themed post! Possible topics:

    * For sale 144 Famas F1 assault rifles. Never fired, only dropped once.

    * Texas — Bigger than France!

    * Q: Why do French People eat snails? A: Because they don't like fast food!

    Bon chance!

    1. Anonymous12/9/16 21:06

      Possible extensions of LẌ's list :

      * French Stilettos Hammering

      * Perqueo - the Heidelberg Dwarf

      * Doof, Doofer, Calais !

  2. After seeing Gates McFadden shake her groove thing in ONSEN's Follow the Numbers, I half expected Brent Spinner to do the Robot in Royksopp's Never Ever feat. Susanne Sundfør.

    Thanks for introducing us to new tunes!

  3. I'm okay with being surrounded by young hard bodies if anyone wants to make a video. I can still run upstairs with shoes on. Just sayin'.

  4. Anonymous12/9/16 17:53

    No excuses IDV - just do it !

    Ms McFadden has humour, and a healthy distance to her role, very likable.

    Now we have to find "young hard ones" for MsScarlet, I think I can hear her stilettos on the stairs ...


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