Sunday, 1 February 2015

It's guilt-edged and glamourous...

... and sleek by design

It's Eurythmics' "Love Is A Stranger".

And I'll leave you with Annie Lennox's "Little Bird" as, not only is it a marvellous song, but I love the video with the different Annies.

That's all. 

Oh, except to let you know that Goldfing-Longerer is being released later this month.


  1. Thank you for the Annie Lennox!

  2. P.S Graham Norton rang me last week... he'd like us to sit on his couch to talk about Goldfing Longerer. Judy Dench will be there to make up the numbers. Well, she usually is.

  3. Oh, gods, he rang me too! I said we were busy, but that I'd speak to you about it. We should demand ridiculous riders (is that what they're called? Those demands like a bath full of Galaxy Minstrels and a can of 7UP?). We've got to make sure we get more than Dame Judy!

  4. Perhaps the Norton gig could be leveraged for you and Miss Scarlet to appear as celebrity guest judges on Bake Off?

  5. I prefer Kylies cover of There Must Be An Angel but I know I shouldn't say that here, so don't mind me

  6. [off-topic. sorry.]

    Perhaps this will help?

  7. LX: Ooh! Good plan!

    * practices best Mary Berry/Vincent Price scowl *

    'Petra: I wasn't aware she'd done such a cover. I must seek it out. Thank you!

    LX: Ooh, it does!

    Now, we just need one of those to make heads & tails of our adventures over the Cusp!


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