Thursday, 19 February 2015

Cakes through the ages

 As you may know, I'm not one to pass up a little procrastination if circumstances warrant, so, with that in mind - and a hundred and one far more important things to do - I thought I'd make a record of (some) of the cakes I've made through the years.

 Please look past the poor photography and so-so cakes- Wait! That doesn't leave anything to look at!

 Ah, well. Here goes anyway...

An After Eight cake for a girly night in

Inexcuseable's (lopsided looking) wedding cake (June 2007)
A Little Cake (May 2008)

An accidental cake (July 2008)
Tazzy's birthday cake (August 2008)

Birthday brownies for The Mother (August 2009)
Butterflies & marzipan cerises (May 2010)

Inexcuseable's sister-in-law's wedding cake.
Cake made by her non-wicked step-mother and
decorated by Inexcuseable and myselves (June 2010)
Hen Day cupcakes and buns (July 2010)
A friend's wedding cakes (August 2011)
The Mother's birthday cake (August 2010)
A secret for SP (September 2010)
Decorated in boredom (March 2011)
More decorated in boredom (March 2011)
Lemon & coconut buns (March 2011)

A Huntsman's birthday cake (May 2011)
Indescribable's wedding cake (May 2011)
The Parent's ruby wedding anniversary cupcakes (December 2012)
1st anniversary cake for Inexcuseable's place of work (November 2014)


  1. If ever you need to get rid of any cake fails. I'm your girl. I'm completely discreet and will hide the evidence where no one will ever think to look.

    This is a totally selfless offer, given your incredibly high standards and that of course, you may have the occasional experiment go wrong.

    I know, I know. I'm one of the world's true givers. It's okay. You can pay me in cake.

  2. What an exceptionally kind and generous offer, Roses. You've taken such a weight off my mind that I feel I can now make cakes with gay abandon, knowing that you can take of the, shall we say 'unpleasantness'?

  3. Oh, oh! I remember the cool Huntsman's Cake!

  4. Oh my I love cake. So... your cute and talented! And a baker?!?!? Now I have a bachelor party for a friend coming up to his partner, how do you feel about penis cakes?

  5. LX: I may another 'blood-splattered' cake in the near future...

    Mistress Maddie: * blushes *

    So, this penis cake... Is that "made out of", "in the shape of", or "mixed with a"? I think it's important to clear these things up first.

  6. I leave you to your talents .......surprise us.

  7. Blimey... I wish I'd stumble across an accidental cake... or any sort of cake. YUM.
    You are really good at this cake malarkey, aren't you?


    *passes out*


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