Friday, January 23, 2015

Coming soon...

 Coming soon to a blog near you!


  1. "Maple syrup ... shaken, not stirred." -- MJ

  2. Oh my goodness!!! This is the role I have been waiting for all my life.
    *retires to writing room to pen acceptance speeches for incoming awards*

  3. who'd she blow to get that part?

  4. Anyone up for a game of Ring Toss?

    *slaps LX & Norma on the way to the Dolby Theater*

  5. I think you have left an "E" out of Bon_d.
    And I see you have built your own Oscar... How presumptuous

  6. But just think of the stirring MJ could do with all those hockey sticks, LX.

    Ms Scarlet
    : I hope you have plenty of paper and ink?

    Norma: Well, it certainly wasn't me!

    MJ: In the interests of teamwork, I could try to get my ring over his pole...

    Princess: Ooh, good one! Both of them!

  7. I'm pretty good at casting and must say the poster boy was a good choice indeed. Mj is questionable in that part , but must insist I see your role Mr a bit closer.

  8. Don't be too critical, dear Mistresss Maddie - we don't have seen the prequel, there is still no review - let's give them all praise in advance, hopefully the head leader does not come prematurely, we will see !

    It's based on the INFOMANIAC talent show, its in INFOMANIC colour - heck, what could go wrong ?
    It's a star-studded box shweeper, I'm sure !

    I only hope GOldfing LOngerer took out that Svarosvky ...

  9. Well, you get quite close, Maddie, but like many a Bond Girl, a less than glamourous end befalls you (which you can thank Ms Scarlet for - It was nothing to do with me!).

    Mago: What could go wrong, indeed...?

    Tune in soon to find out!