Thursday 7 August 2014

Red Hot!

 I've been sitting around staring at that picture of Dr. Chris van Tulleken in the previous post for that past few days. I just couldn't help myselves - He's so handsome! I've been so distracted by it that every time I sit down to write up our latest adventure (you know, the one where we "retrieved" those flying saucers before nearly popping Cloud Lab), I end up with flummoxed fingers and find myself missing three hours with his image burned into my retinas.
 Anyway, I've found a diversion:

Ohh, that handsome face, lovely smile,
awesome eyebrows and perfect chest!
Even the douche-y backwards cap can't sully the
red hotness of this hot red-head.

 Stunning, isn't he? I'm thinking of having him installed as a Houseboy for Castlette DeVice. Although, this may cause yet more problems...



  1. I like him better with the backwards cap. I don't know why.
    And I like his eyebrows. And his smile.

  2. Ms Scarlet: Without the cap, he looks like one could take him home to meet the parents.
    With it, however, one could imagine doing all sorts of less salubrious things...

  3. I'm not exactly sure what duties you have in mind for him if you do hire him as a houseboy, but by the looks of the room, I'd venture to say that decluttering and organization are not his stronger qualities.

    His hat suggests he could be well suited to outdoors jobs; perhaps he can attend to the hot tub and help attain the exhilarating experience of being massaged and blown, and squirted by jets of hot liquid to create a steamy and pleasurable experience that ends in total relaxation.

    Or he could tend to your garden and do some plowing and planting; I'm sure he'd be handy with a hoe.

  4. Eros:Hmm... You make a good point about the clutter. Outdoor jobs it is, then. And the hot tub suggestion sounds ideal!

    I'm going to ignore the gardening suggestion as I don't like where it's hoein- I mean, going!


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