Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Let's get our ymbrynes back*

 OK, so you may have noticed that this book post is a bit more lengthy than the previous few. However, don't go expecting plot synopses and reviews, though. No, instead of those, I've included some details about how I came by some of the books featured and/or decided to read them.
 So. On with the show, then.

16. Rising Son (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), by S. D. Perry
 I feel a little bad for this book, as this was the only one of the Deep Space Nine relaunch novels that I didn't buy when it was first released in 2003. Instead, I borrowed it from a friend at work and just didn't get around to buying a copy for my collection. I rectified that earlier this year by ordering a secondhand copy online. I'm glad I got it secondhand as it's already pre-worn and matches the condition of the other DS9 books on my shelves!

17. A Natural History of Dragons (A Memoir by Lady Trent), by Marie Brennan
 I found out about this book on io9. It was featured in an article that captured my attention with the cover image (I'm a sucker for a well proportioned dragon!) - I stayed for the synopsis.

18. Dragonflight, by Anne McCaffrey
 Now, this book, along with the other Dragons of Pern series, has been on various of my bookcases over the years. This one in particular has been around since 1990, or thereabouts. I first happened upon Ms McCaffrey's Pern series when I was undertaking some work experience in Jarrolds, Cromer, while at Cromer High School (now Cromer Academy). I remember unpacking boxes of books and placing them on the shelves when one in particular caught my eye. It was Dragonsdawn. Totally judging a book by its cover, the barely teenaged me decided that this must be the most amazing book in the world; for how could the promise of two people riding an airborne golden dragon in front of a volcano not be?
 Anyway, I noticed the author's name on the spines of other books, almost everyone of which had the word 'dragon' in the title. Suddenly I was complete. Most of my time that was not spent at school or at piano & flute lessons, or being forced to do my homework or music practice by unreasonable Parents, was spent reading these wondrous books. Dragonflight is the first in the series, but Dragonsdawn is the prequel and provides the scientific background for the dragons and life of the Pernese.
 It was only when I'd read A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan that I thought to dust off the Dragons of Pern series and give them another go, as it had probably been at least 15 years since I'd last read them. Plus, I'd be saving money by re-reading books rather than buying new ones! So, I'm going to read a few of these, plus some of Ms McCaffrey's other books that I've collected over the years, such as The Rowan, The Ship Who Sang, and To Ride Pegasus. Look out for these in future blog posts.

19. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs
 I heard about this book on io9, too. There was an article about how it's to be turned into a film starring Eva Green (who is marvellous in Penny Dreadful, by the way) as Miss Peregrine.
* Post title from 81% through the Kindle edition

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  1. I love Anne McCaffrey's Dragons of Pern series! That mix of science and myth and adventure and danger and intimacy and emotion makes for a spectacular series.

    And I've only read a few of her books, as most of the series was usually checked out by others when I was in high school. Now that I'm older, I suppose I could order the entire series...or try the local library, seeing as how vamps and werewolves and wizards are the fad these days with teens.

    And yes, Eva Green is a fantastic and fabulous actor! And Penny Dreadful is pretty awesome.

  2. Right. You have made my mind up. I am struggling to finish my Mavis Cheek book... it's not one of her finest... so, I am going to start my Jasper Fforde to try to catch up with you.

  3. Eros: They are quite spectacular. I had reservations about re-reading them in case they weren't as good as when I first read them all those years ago, but Dragonflight held up very well. Amazing world-building and characters, although the interaction seemed a little "breathless, romance novel", but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

    Ms Scarlet: Well, I'm nearly through Lost in a Good Book, so you'd better get your skates on! Although, I've got two or three other books to read before I move onto the third Thursday Next book: The Well of Lost Plots


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