Monday, 29 July 2013

Sock it to 'em

Does anybody know how to get ghost socks out of a washing machine?*

This is totally unrelated to my
dilemma but I was entranced by
the impressive chest!
The other day, I attempted to wash Grandma DeVise's unmentionables (she's been staying with us for a little while) but couldn't get them in the machine because of all the bloody ghost socks! Initially, I sought the services of a local priest for a quick exorcism, but when I told her what I wanted exorcised she just laughed and said she didn't have time as she was visiting her mother in Cheshire
Then I thought of the Ghostbusters, but someone pointed out that they were fictional. Not letting something as trifling as that stop me, I hopped over the Cusp and into the Spine Tower, hoping to open the door into the Ghostbuster's universe. It was not meant to be, however, as the only novel the Ghostbusters spawned wasn't popular enough to get its own universe.
The only other option I thought of involves helping the socks move on by completing their unfinished business.  But what sort of unfinished business can a bloody sock have once it's dead? Besides, there're too many for me to even contemplate going through all that malarkey, so I gave up before I even started.


* I don't know how many that infernal machine has devoured over the years. Between it and the airing cupboard, my supply of socks has dropped to dangerously low levels.



  1. I recall something from Ghostbusters about not crossing the streams. I'm not sure if that applies to yellow socks as well. Sorry.

  2. Soxorcism seems the only option.
    God be with you.

  3. Have you tried putting a call out to ghosts who need socks? They could take the unwanted footwear off your hands... or at least out of the washing machine.

  4. I thought Rosecrypt DeVise died years ago.

    Are you time and space hopping to visit her?

  5. LX: It probably does.

    Unless one is a lady, then it is mandatory to cross one's legs. Although, if one is a lady, one would not be wearing yellow socks...

    Jason: Except when I'm doing the grocery shopping. God always tries to put items that are not on the list in our basket!

    Ms Quotes: Good idea! I shall hold a seance immediately.

    MJ: She did. And its her that's doing the time/space hopping - silly cow still doesn't realise she's dead!


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