Sunday 14 July 2013

Star Trek: Voyages That Never Were V

OK. So, a little over two years ago I said I probably wouldn't do any more of these Voyages That Never Were posts as I didn't think I had anything left of worth to show. However, while searching for a cartoon I drew several years back, I found a few sketches of aliens that I thought I might share. Although, after you've seen them, you may agree with two-year-ago-me that they're not worthy...

After I'd drawn the starships and uniforms, I needed a crew to fill them. So, along with the usual humanoid races like the Trill, Betazoids and Vulcans, I set about creating some others...

This somewhat mermaid/man-like alien I called a Ssillaarii. I was going for some kind of serpent look, but it ended up looking like a man in a costume - OK for an actual TV show where it probably would be played by a man in a cheap rubber suit, but not OK for a realistic alien. Which is why I then produced these sketches (below) which, I think, are more natural-looking:
A hammerhead shark-like head, several limbs attached to its upper torso, and a long serpents tail complete with a fin on the end. This Ssillaarii would be a science officer on board whichever ship took my fancy at the time.

The alien in the upper & lower centre of the picture, and in the lower right, is an insectoid species called a Rane. Roughly the size of a human, she would look quite frightening, but would actually be very friendly and an excellent doctor.

This small, winged humanoid started off as quite unremarkable, as you can see in the sketch. However, like the Ssillaarii, I didn't want an alien that looked like a human with wings, and ended up redesigning her to be far more bat-like. Although named on the sketch as a Matarii, I eventually gave that name to a monstrous race of fairy-like aliens. Instead, her species is called the Yattho (the mentioned but not seen race of precognitive aliens from the Voyager episode "Before and After"). 

Ignore Deanna Troi and her crowned companion, I'm more interested in Stick-head on the right. I have no idea what race he's from, but I just like that he looks like Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy!

Oh, look! I've found the cartoon I was after, so I don't need to post any more alien sketches. You may all breathe a sigh of relief.


  1. We could get Princess to make up the costumes... and then we could all act out the stories :-)

  2. Are there any Flying Monkey sketches?

  3. Thanx Miss Scarlet... Just what i need another costume debacle! "Annie" is proving quite enough to be coping with at present! But i'll keep this in mind...
    Mr lax has the right idea... Lets just recycle some of the stuff i've already made!
    Mr De vice... Your sketching is very good... Have you ever thought of becoming a costume designer? The standard of these sketches would give you a head start!

    I guess I missed the punchline on "Little Witch"

  4. Miss Scarlet: We'd better make sure they're of a sturdy, washable fabric. Or, preferably, wipe clean in case LX gets at the Romulan Ale again!

    LX: Not yet...

    Princess: Thank you! I did actually think about getting into fashion design, but, well, you've seen my orange T-shirts, haven't you?

    Oh, there's no punchline for the Little Witch yet, although I think Alexis Colby once called Sammy-Jo something similar...

  5. Little that a self-portrait?

  6. MJ: Kind of. If I ever get it off the ground (and not on Broom), it would be semi-autobiographical.


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