Saturday, 3 August 2013

Goodbye money...

Inexcuseable wants to go to the garden centre once she gets home from work, and only because Lily's Tearoom does absolutely outstanding food (she always has a bacon & brie baguette).  I have been instructed to go with her - which I don't mind - but it means I will purchase a plant (or twelve) despite giving myselves explicit instructions not to.

Yikes! She's home. Here's my little bit of garden as it is now. In the interests of saving money, I'm hoping that it'll stay this way, but I'm not holding my breath...

EDIT, 17:02 - Well, we're back. And you'll be surprised to hear that I didn't buy any plants. Not even the gorgeous pineapple lily, or a magnificent rheum palmatum, or even the delicate and feathery albizia.

I did, however, end up paying for the three of us to go to the zoo.



  1. It's beautiful!!! So lush and varied.

  2. Thank you, Jason. I'm hoping that next year it will be even more so.

  3. Lovely! I do like an exotic box or two... Jx

  4. I'm surprised you didn't come home with a parrot...

  5. Your shrubbery is coming along quite beautifully... The Zoo seems a nice alternative and just think about all the extra watering and feeding and pruning you have saved yourself... tho I'll agree with Ms Quotes... A festive feathered friend would have added a nice touch...

  6. Jon: I'm just glad I'd given it a trim before you arrived.

    Ms Q: The parrots were too noisy. A couple of flamingoes, on the other hand...

    Princess: The zoo was a spur of the moment decision, and I'm glad we went. I could quite easily have brought the jaguars home instead of the flamingoes, but I don't think Inexcuseables cats would have been pleased!

  7. Lovely! I hope you'll be submitting these to the annual Infomaniac Garden Photos Event when the time comes.

    Did you visit the peccaries?

    "The Peccary's scent glands are on its back, if threatened it will release a strong odour. By rubbing against each others scent glands, herd members create a communal scent."

  8. MJ: I am poised and ready to submit!

    As for visiing the peccaries, we got close but not THAT close!


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