Sunday, 31 October 2010

'How many nipples hae ye got?'*

29. Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Funnily enough, I liked this book better before IDV arrived on the scene. The bit where the angel Aziraphale takes up residence in rubbish medium Madam Tracy's body as they ride to avert the apocalypse on her elderly scooter (complete with Witch Finder Sergeant Shadwell on board), is now quite poignant.

Clicking here will take you to L-Space, where you can read some quotes and annotations from the book.

* from page 169.

30. Nero,
by Mike Johnson, Tim Jones & David Messina

No you're not having deja vu, I have already read this book and posted about it. As you can see here - It's number 13.

Star Trek: Countdown, by Tim Jones, Mike Johnson, Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman with art by David Messina.

Ummm... Yeah, I've read and posted about this one, too. Although, at least this one was from last year...

32. Strata, by Terry Pratchett

"The excavation showed the fossilized plesiosaur had been holding a placard which read. 'End Nuclear Testing Now'.
That was nothing unusual.
But then came a discovery which did intrigue Kin Arad.
A flat earth was something new..."

~ ~ ~

Yes, I know it's Hallowe'en today. No, this isn't the Hallowe'en post. I'll post it this evening when it is actually Hallowe'en.
Sorry I haven't got around to visiting your blogs lately - I've been somewhat... Inconvenienced.

What? Didn't anyone read the secret text in the last post?

* sigh * I don't know why I bother, I really don't ...


  1. Can't wait for the Hallowe'en post. Anyway, you certainly do have time to read a lot of books though. Even if some of them are Star Treks that you've read before.


  2. are you is some sort of cast, sugar? xoxo

  3. Mwah hah hah hah haa!

  4. Samhain Blessings to you my dear.

    Hope you all are able to celebrate in style.

    I don't speak subtext dahling. Spit it out. Wass goin awwwn? (in a Norwich accent).

  5. You've cracked something?

  6. As a librarian, I must applaud all of your reading. *claps heartily*

  7. Well I cant be right ALL the time !


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