Monday, 20 September 2010


OK, so we have decided to keep the Coven - Mainly because "fellow senior member" Tim had a diva strop (watch out 'Petra - You have competition) and threatened to leave because I'd inadvertantly forgotten to consult him! Obviously, I relented as I didn't want to be 'dancing on my own'.

Anyway, I have decided to unveil the new Coven lineup on the 5th anniversary of this blog which will be on 9th October. But before then there is another celebration of note (two, if we include 'Petra's birthday on the 29th of this month): The 600th post! In fact, this is post number 599 so I had better be off to think of something worth posting next time.


  1. Oh my! I almost forgot my birthday! I'll send you my birthday present list, in case you don't know what to get me.

    Will there be a story?

  2. New Coven Lineup
    Blog 5th Birthday
    Pete's Birthday
    600th Post

    Hey, this is like a planetary alignment or something!

    Oh Hai Pete!

  3. I'll bring the CAKE.

    Oh Hai XL and CyberPoof!

  4. Shouldn't the big celebration be for post #666?

  5. It's all happening round 'ere.

    I hope I get the position of Coven Coralererer.

    What a great excuse to go shopping and get dressed up.

    I'm sorry, but I'm not touching MJ's cake, not even to celebrate Cyberpete's birthday. We all know where it's been.

  6. Oh hai everyone!

    I just spent the past 3 hours trying to read 21 pages about the terms and conditions of letters of trust regarding cars and insurance companies. I must have fallen asleep at least 30 times and I can't remember any of it.

    Oh well. Will probably sleep through the meeting tomorrow too. This lineup XL mentioned is far more exciting!

  7. Is 'dancing on your own' a euphemism?

  8. what can i bring, sugar? xoxoxo

  9. Sounds like it will be one helluva wingding!!! Looking forward to the party. :-)

  10. Fantastic.

    I can't wait to see the surprises in the upcoming posts!

    And thank you for finally answering a question that's been on my mind since the VMA's. I saw the beginnings of a great performance by a blond chick, singing, doing this mad dance and she rocked. But then those bastard's at MTV cut to a commercial! And I was like, Who was that chick?

    Now, I know. It's Robyn! I used to confuse her with the Robin S, especially since they both had hit songs named Show Me Love. Glad to see Robyn's back. Great song! Still mad dancing, but very mesmerizing. Awesome vid and song.

  11. I have the swizzle stix at the ready so looking forward to everything on the list...

    Great Clip by the way...
    Had to try out some of those moves... Now I can't...

  12. I'm waiting for the next tin foil competition.
    Or best fruit arrangement with creative use of tin foil and cake.

  13. Exactly how many openings are available to be filled in the coven?

  14. Everything about the above comment is WRONG.

  15. Although IDV's past behaviour would suggest he's not fussy and will take whatever he can get.


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