Monday, 26 July 2010

Bad weather

Drat! I've lost my shadow.

Bad, naughty, wicked weather! I knew I shouldn't've got caught outside at midday when the sun's directly overhead and there're no clouds in the sky. My shadow must have taken advantage of it's temporary needlessness and buggered off somewhere.
Who knows what kind of nincompoopery it's getting up to?

* realisation suddenly dawns *

Oh, no! This means I'm becoming more corporeal. I'll have to be careful when caught up with the SuperNaturals or the MetaFour now that I can no longer blend into the shadows or step into mirrors to avoid injury or death.

I wonder when was the last time I had both shadow and reflection? Was it that time on the beach?:

I wonder if I can still walk through time...?

* gingerly steps over the time threshold and disappears *


  1. Oh don't mind me.

    Just here to right click and save.

  2. I still get to be a Flying Monkey, right?

    Oh Hai MJ!

  3. Perhaps it went down the drain of the hot tub.

    Oh Hai XL!

  4. MJ: I'm surprised you have the time.

    xl: But, of course.

    MJ: Well, it did have rather a powerful suction...

  5. What a gorgeous host! Maybe SP was only a P before meeting you.

  6. Is that a beach you are hovering over... or a very large puddle?

  7. Great pic! Very nice composition and stunning subject matter.

    Looks like that bit of sun is giving color on your arms. Perhaps next time you're out on the beach, you'll wear shorts so the legs can get some color, too.

    Be careful when trying out that beach scene in From Here to Eternity. All that sand and seaweed can get into the most uncomfortable spaces and tender places on your body!

  8. Can't concentrate I seem to be staring down some young gentlemans crack

  9. I feel icky saying this but he is quite attractive.

    If you're attracted to that type.

  10. I'm not, MJ but he is quite fit.

    I've got friends who totally would, and let's be honest, a bottle of wine and I'd be joining them

  11. Fit, yes, and rather handsome.

    I need to go scrub myself with a wire brush now.

  12. If you get arrested, you might try this defense!

    Oh Hai MJ & Pete!

  13. Oh hai XL!

    He is a handsome bugger too.

  14. Snooze: Why, thank you. And he was definitely an SP before I came along!

    Princess: It is, in fact, a beach. Although there were some very large puddles there.

    Eros: Actually, that pic was taken on the penultimate time I was on the beach. The last time did involve shorts, sand and a lot of seaweed!

    'Petras & MJs: Please desist, you're making me blush which clashes with my green & orange T-shirt!

    xl: Ah, yes. The dismissal of Earthly laws and customs. Maybe it's time to give it another go? If I wasn't (mostly) law abiding, that is?

  15. Oh, you've had a haircut. Well done.

  16. Thank you for curing me. I completely forgot about your bizarre and ungodly fascination of all things orange.

  17. Tim: Thank you. Actually, I got it cut about a month ago. It's now due for another one.
    How's your hair? We haven't seen any photos lately.

    'Petra: You're welcome. Just another part of the service.

  18. Oh, I had mine cut on Sunday - for purely practical reasons, mind; the sweat was rolling down it into my eyes in yoga.

  19. My hair rivals the beards of ZZ Top. Combined.


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