Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Bizarrotron shows a 3.7 weirdness level!*

This has been another dry month for reading. I think it's because the weather has been uncharacteristically nice, which means more time spent outdoors gardening etc than relaxing with a good book. And the only reason I've read these is because the office where I work has been transformed into a call centre, enabling me to read in what would be exceedingly boring breaks between calls.

22. The Days Are Just Packed, by Bill Watterson

One of my favourite strips in this book inspired this post about my reaction to Car's coma.

* The title comes from the strip on page 138 in which Calvin as Spaceman Spiff discovers a hideous alien known as a "Gurl" (otherwise known as Suzie Derkins). I know I shouldn't reproduce the strips here without permission, but I have linked the book titles to for ease of purchase to make up for it.

23. The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes, a Calvin and Hobbes Treasury by Bill Watterson

This treasury includes cartoons from The Revenge of the Baby-Sat and Scientific Progress Goes "Boink".

For your procrastinating pleasure, I have discovered a Calvin & Hobbes Wiki. There aren't a huge amount of entries yet, but it'll certainly keep you occupied for a fair while. Enjoy!


  1. Calvin and Hobbes - definitely missed. I like the strips you posted

  2. Calvin and Hobbes are fun. Might have to track down these books...
    In the meantime... you have just answered my wonderment as to why call centers take so long in answering my calls... What after jumping through hoops and pressing buttons to navigate through the wild array of options... listening to banal rationales as to why my custom is so important to to the company and being being begged to wait patiently while I'm placed in a cue to speak to the next available customer service officer...I now Know.

    I'ts because they are all busy reading Calvin and Hobbes...

    And for the purposes of training this call will be monitored by a supervisor...

  3. Thanks gawds it wasn't Star Trek this time.

  4. I don't do they ship from Jersey.

    Wv bareass

  5. I like the one where Calvin is transformed into a little tiger by the transmorgrifier or whatever the hell it's called.

    And the Valentines day one where Hobbes says "muchos smoochies for el con-kiss-tador!:

  6. I think I gave all of my Calvin and Hobbes books to my nephew. Would it be cold and heartless to demand he give them back to me?

  7. I've always wondered what those telephone sex line workers do in between calls. Now I know.

  8. Snooze: I miss them, too.

    Princess: Ah, what you have described sounds very 'private sector'. The Host works in the public sector where calls are answered within 5 rings, there's only one set of options and no one waits for more than 2 minutes (or so I'm told) to speak to a real person. In the same country. Well, that's a lie. We're currently answering calls from Wales (not whales)...

    MJ: Sadly, there probably won't be any Star Trek until September at the earliest!

    'Petra: What's wrong with Jersey?

    And put some pants on for heavens sakes!

    Tim: Awww... I love Calvin as a cute little tiger. In this one, he just dresses up as one and argues with Hobbes about their territory and food.

    Tara: It would be cold and heartless for your nephew to keep them!

    Eros: We're- I mean, They're an easily pleased bunch.


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