Sunday, 11 April 2010


Well. Here we are again at Dead Endsville. I've got a couple of posts lined up, but they're not finished and I can't be arsed to make the effort complete them to my exacting satisfaction. So, instead, I bring you another meme, the third in this series, actually. The first two can be found here, and here, if you're so inclined.

Better get on with it, I suppose.

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages). OK. It's the really-very-good-actually Being Human novel Bad Blood by James Goss. Unsurprisingly, media-whore Tim is friends with the author, and also the cover designer, a certain Mr Lee Binding.

. Open the book to page 123. Done!

. Find the fifth sentence. 'Technical term.'

. Post the next three sentences. 'All right, then!' enthused George. 'Dob Dob Dob!' He stepped over to Mitchell before he could see Annie's smile fall slightly.

George is a werewolf, Mitchell is a vampire, and Annie is a ghost, and they all live together in Annie's old house in Bristol. Annie has organised a bingo night to raise money to refurbish the community centre and the boys have turned up - just about on time - to support her. Sounds pretty run-of-the-mill, doesn't it? It's not, though. Not by a long shot. Especially when the vampire Human Resources manager at the local hospital turns up!

. Tag five people. No! But feel free to have a go, though.


  1. Wait, how long has that cover art vampire been alive? You'd think he'd know by now that blood stains are hard to clean off a leather jacket!

    But other than that, the book sounds interesting. I've lived with all sorts of people over the years, but I can't imagine living with a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost.

  2. I thought that was Tim on the cover.

  3. The nearest book to me is a Star Trek encyclopedia, and the fifth sentence is:

    "Stardate 49447."


    I would do this meme properly, but I'm just too busy out media.

  4. -whoring.

    I don't know why it cut whoring off there.

  5. I think I'll do this later. I'll let you know if I actually get to it in my busy day of lounging on the chaise watching Dynasty and beating Tim at Scrabble while eating bonbons.

  6. Oh, I finally did it.

    It's not all beating Tim at Scrabble and bonbons you know.

  7. Oh, he's relatively young for a vampire, Eros. Only just over one hundred, I think?
    He has learned, though. In the TV series, he takes his jacket off (and usually the rest of his clothes - Rawr!).

    MJ: If it were Tim on the cover, my 'Rawr!' in reply to Eros would have been RAWR!

    Uh, I mean: Tim: If I could be bothered to go upstairs to where I keep my Star Trek Encyclopedia, I'd double check. However, I'm to busy media-ing, too.

    'Petra: What a lovely day you've been having. I think I may have to pop 'round to Tim's and beat him, too.

  8. You are welcome to beat me aswell.

  9. I'd better get my beating gloves on then!

  10. Is the book part of a series?

  11. You have beating gloves?!

  12. It's so he doesn't get sticky hands Tim.

  13. Good lord , you can cut the sexual tension in this comments lounge with a knife !
    I feel soiled

  14. Or in IDV's case, with a be-gloved karate chop.

  15. * snaps on beating gloves *

    'Petra: Yes, I believe it's the third of three (so far).

    Tim: Did you not hear me snapping them on?

    'Petra: Well, amongst other things.

    BEAST: You should have gone before you left. Now go and change your knickers.

    Tim: Hiii-Ya! (In a Miss Piggy-style, of course)

  16. The books sounds delightful, I must look it up. Although I cannot possibly afford to buy all those books, I could put them on my Masterhard.

    I think I'll have to go buy them now.

    WV: foolitis - is that what I've got? I have been feeling a little under the weather of late.

  17. Anonymous19/4/10 16:47

    Ooh and I know this Vampire's brother. Tis a small world in Media Whoredom!

  18. 'Petra: I don't know about foolitis, but what or who the hells is 'Masterhard'?

    W*P*D: Tis indeed, it seems.
    Does everyone who lives in (or very near to) London know someone famous? Does one have mix with celebs (however minor) to be able to move there?

  19. Rumour has it(Ma Beastly gossip mongering) my 6 month old great nephew (My Nephews son , is that a great nephew....I have no idea) will be modelling Boy Georges new baby clothes collection ...... Sounds totally ridiculous to me and I don't believe a word of it!

  20. Wouldn't you like to know.

    It certainly isn't my MasterCard that's for sure.

  21. Anonymous21/4/10 08:49

    I prefer to be the celebrity I know, even if it is only in my own head, and my own home of course.

    Boy George in Baby Clothes!! Oh dear, and I was just coming to terms with the painted neck. ;>

    Note: I preferred to omit that actual babies would be waering his clothes. Oh Lord, that seems so much worse.

  22. They'd be in body paint and safety pins WPD.

    Most disturbing.


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