Monday, 1 February 2010

Ghastlier than a thousand ghouls

Honestly, I'm surprised people didn't run screaming for the hills when I went out earlier. My hair was a greasy mess, as was my skin; what I thought was an acceptable amount of stubble in fact looked like I was auditioning for Robinson Crusoe; and the clothes I was wearing looked as if they'd been pulled out of the washing bin. I must have been ghastlier than a thousand ghouls!

Long time readers may have guessed the reason for this lapse in standards (if they're not out-and-out rude, that is): Yes. It was all down to MirrorMe again.
The dratted reflection had once again got up before me and pampered & preened until he looked fantastic, then beat me to the mirror so I thought it was me I was looking at, not 'Me. You can imagine my horror when I got home and saw my reflection in the hall mirror. I'm surprised it didn't shatter at the piercing scream I gave! The fact that I saw my actual reflection and not MirrorMe means he must still be out somewhere. Well, I've got a surprise for him when he comes home: I'm going to trap him between two mirrors so he can never go out again!

Mwah hah hah hah haa!


  1. Harsh. Let him have some fun for once!

    WV: ifidlyo … I fiddle you? UNLIKELY!

  2. That happens a lot around here,
    Trying the double mirror thing might be just the trick though.
    I hope that your eyes are feeling better what with all the recent poking...

  3. Did you at least remember to take the curlers out of your hair?

  4. You know, sometimes, no matter how well you groom yourself, sometimes, something happens, like a change in weather, that can ruin all your work. I keep a travel kit in my car--travel size hygiene products, small mirror, and spare clothes.

    Perhaps your coworkers thought you were trying out a new look. If Brad Pitt can look scruffy and still be considered sexy, why can't you?

  5. You could just send mirror me out to get the shopping and go to work while you lounge at home watching loose women.

    Is Tim flirting ???

  6. Why would IVD be watching loose women?

  7. Its a daytime TV talk show of exceptional banality Miss MJ

  8. Have you had a relapse of the plague?

  9. I love the concept of MirrorMe. Sadly I too had too much facial hair today. How dare my waxer have shut her salon?

  10. Maybe the Warty wand is playing up Miss MJ

  11. There is a real danger of it falling off some day, Beast.

  12. Tim: Unlikely, but not impossible!

    Princess: They're much better, thank you. Although, some people could have cleaned out the underneath of their fingernails, I think.

    MJ: Oh, drat, no!

    Eros: I think I'll forgo the ZZ Top-esque beard, though.

    BEAST: You know, I think he is!

    At last.

    MJ: Please refer to BEAST's answer.

    Oh, and I don't watch it.

    'Petra: Thank you.

    MJ: Not the plague as I think I've built up enough immunity now,

    Snooze: A pox on her!

    BEAST & MJ: I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.


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