Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If it's good enough for MJ...

Sorry I haven't been around much this past week, but I've had things to attend to. Unalive things. So, to facilitate a speedy return,
I'm just going to die a little bit to make this whole palaver that little bit easier. Plus, I thought I'd repost (with a few amendments) this post from August 2007 because it serves the purpose. And I'm too lazy to churn out a brand spanking new one.

Nearly there...

Back soon.


  1. Okay. I'll be here waiting.

  2. Ooh, look at THAT fascinating comment above!

    CLICK IT!!

  3. Spam! And not the good, salty meat byproduct kind either!

    Good luck tending to all them things!

  4. Well at least that's something although you may want to pick up the pace if you aren't going to end up doing less posts than last year - and just look at the recycled stuff at MJs, it's not working for her so how could it for you? Oh right, you don't post photos of naked old geezers. Of course this is said with all the love and affection (and that's a lot dearie) and a massive amount of irony or sarcasm or something teasing. Take your pick.

    Hope you and SP are doing great!