Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sparky's Malarkey

On my blog travels this morning, I found THIS:

Luckily, I managed to capture it before Tim had a change of heart, as I notice it's no longer published on his blog. He must have been ashamed of the crappy graphics...

Still, he loves me!

Oops! I forgot to delete the last couple of lines of his post.



  1. Wipes away tears of joy for Tim's expressed love. I'm sure the brew brought out the true feelings.

  2. Ha ha ha!!

    You bitch.

  3. Hahahahaha! That's too funny!

    You wish, IDV...

  4. Snooze: You know, I think you're right about the brew.

    * wipes away other bodily fluid *

    Tim: Ha!

    And it takes one to know one!!

    Ponita: Sadly, I do wish...

  5. Did you purposely choose a picture where you're wearing a t-shirt that said FCUK too?

    That's your own bodily fluid you're wiping away, huh? One hand on the MS paint, the other on… Ugh, god, it doesn't bear thinking about.

    *goes off to self harm*

  6. Not purposely, Tim. It was just a happy coincidence.

    * hands over scissors to cut floppy fringe off. And to help extricate legs from exceedingly tight skinny-fit emo jeans *

  7. Now that is spooky - my hair is a tad longer in front and I did buy some slightly more fitted jeans the other week.

    You genuinely are stalking me, aren't you?

  8. Ha! Well how about that for a Valentine's day gift? Almost as good as chocolate.

  9. Ha Ha Ha , I bet you spent ages putting this together , cackling evily as you went .
    Poor Tim

  10. IVD looks like Liam's cousin Tom Kerrigan from Corrie in that pic.

  11. Tim: I don't know why you thought I was kidding about it previously?

    Eros: Almost. The only thing that could top it would be chocolate coated Tim!

    BEAST: I wouldn't say evily. Salaciously, perhaps?

    MJ: I must google this Tom character as I've fallen by the Corrie wayside...

  12. Well, at least he's not hideous!

  13. I just can't get my eyes away from the photo long enough to read any of the text.

  14. Off-topic: Tazzy and Piggy are closing their blog.

    Don't just sit there...DO something!

    Isn't there a spell you could conjure?

  15. Where the fuck ARE you?

    Did your wand break off?

  16. Of course his wand broke off - if he keeps using it like that it's bound to give at some point.


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