Thursday, 24 December 2009

Items of Interest: Saturnalia edition

* sigh *

It's that time of year again, and as usual I am not prepared. So, in a last minute panic I bring you this special edition of Items of Interest. Well, it was either this or a reposting of this.
I'm sure you know what to do: Just guess what this particular photo is of and, if you're very lucky, win a prize (yet to be decided on).

Here it is:

P.S. The comments for the Consequences: Game 2 post are still open, so you can still email me with what she said and what the consequence was.


  1. It's a close up of your eye with your Borg Queen contacts in.

    *waits for MJ to make joke about me calling IDV a queen*

    Happy Christmas you old witch!

  2. It's the bottom of your wine glass, you big lush.

    Tim: I didn't laugh as I just take it for granted that IVD's a big ole queen.

    And a bottom at that.

    Oh...Merry Christmas IVD!

    Tim: I almost forgot he was here listening in!

  3. Dear Mr Inexplicable, Or should I say Your Majesty? As you have an uncanny ability to see the future (whilst riding about on Broom) I believe that this is a pic of one of your Crystal Balls?
    You are more than welcome to visit me at Palais de Steff any time. You will be graciously welcomed by my Houseboys, cocktails are mandatorialy served upon arrival.
    Christmas wishes from the "Ghost of Christmas Future"(Australia)to all 4 of you.


  4. Ps.. Is the top pic one of your Stairway to heaven?

  5. It looks like a smooth, shiny, polished ball--one that hangs on a Xmas tree.

  6. It does look like a Christmas ornament, but I am never good at these.

    All the best today for you and SP.

  7. It's a glittery mirror disco ball I'm sure

  8. I think it's a glass with fluid still in it... seems to disperse light, something that chrome would not do, but I could be drunk... :P


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