Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009: A review

Well, here we are again at the end of the year, having to put up with another of Witchface & The Host's hurried attempts at squeezing a years worth of events into a few thousand words and some hastily put together pictures.
They'll never do it, you know. I don't know how many times I've nagged and cajoled to put this thing together throughout the year when events are fresh in our mind.
You're right. I don't know why we even bother - They never take any bloody notice!
I've a good mind to-
Ssssshhhhhhh! Sssshhhhhhhhh! Here they come now!

Oh, thanks, you two. What a welcome.
Yes, bugger off!

* huff *
* double huff *

Bloody SubCs...
Right. Where were we? Ah, yes. This year's Coven Awards and blog review.

Hmmph! The blog review shouldn't take long. Lazy articles...

We are still here, you know?!
As before, I'll do the blog review and The Host will present the awards. Anyway, without further ado, I bring you:

January: We took a look back over The Cusp at our many adventures; Tim turned from stalkee to stalker; and an ill wind caused arial nanny-based chaos to Norwich's skies.

February: We inadvertantly shared some of our 'reference' books with you; Tim was once again the object of our affections in The Valentines Day Mascara; and we prepared to move out of Castle DeVice.

March: Ah, our birthday. Celebrated over The Cusp as per usual!

The frontrunners for this award - The most engaging film - were: Star Trek and District 9. I really wanted District 9 to get the gong over Star Trek because it hooked me almost from the get-go (although it did take a little while to get used to the documentary-style beginning). However, the rather lengthy fight/chase scene at the end stretched my belief to snapping point as the singleminded and relentless Colonel Koobus Venter wasn't killed in the constant hail of weapons fire.

Star Trek, on the other hand, was at once polished, emotional (especially George Kirk's sacrifice as Captain of the USS Kelvin and the beam out of the Vulcan elders), entertaining, voyeuristic (Hello Kirk in underpants! - More on that later) and gripping. Much as I wanted to be slightly dismissive of this reboot, I found that I couldn't. And still can't - I'm watching it tonight with SP (who says it's his favourite film EVER! - And this from someone who'd never watched any Star Trek before)!

The most disappointing film was easily Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. How could it have failed so epically when the first film was so awesome? What happened?
Next time, let's have less gung-ho giant robot fights where one can't tell what's going on, fewer new transformers, absolutely no John Turturro (or however his name is spelled), and a lot fewer clothes on Josh Duhamel - Rawr!

April: Mini-Tim; and the first book read this year.

May: The attack of Beaky's clone; and we were almost haunted by Yvette Fielding.

June: A Hellishly wrong number; and we became reconnected with the intermaweb in New Castle DeVice.

I think I've watched more TV this year than the last two years put together - Well, it seems like it, anway. You see, SP has the TV on almost all the live-long day (when he's not at work, of course)! However, I have managed to stick to my usual discerning viewing, so the nominees for my favourite TV show are: Ugly Betty (yay!), Being Human, True Blood and Pushing Daisies.
The winner, for the second year in a row (narrowly beating Being Human), is Pushing Daisies!

The biggest disappointment is an easy one. After waiting what seemed like an eternity for the TV movie of Dead Like Me, it was finally shown in the UK (albeit on Virgin pay-per-view) five years after the series ended.
I wish I hadn't bothered.
The worst things weren't the lack of Rube, or the different Daisy. No. The most disappointing thing was the way the characters seemed two dimensional, as if they'd forgotten who they were and were just going through the motions. Whose motions, I don't know, but they sure weren't happy about it.

An odd one this as it's not something I rediscovered, but something that SP did. This rediscovery leaves me free to blog while he's absorbed by dreadful 80s/90s hair and fashion (and I say 'fashion' in the loosest sense of the word), godawful cheap prizes (did anyone ever win that crappy Daewoo Nubira estate?), craptacular answers from stunned looking contestants (were they tasered to get them into the studio?) and Les Dennis's 'please-kill-me' style of presenting (plus his outrageous racism).

What is this rediscovery, I hear you ask? None other than Family Fortunes!

July: Ah, a month of gardening - Both domestic and exotic; plus we brought you the real Mary Poppins.

August: A glimpse of SP in the jungle; (hardly) inexplicable filth at MJ's; a blogger-birthday (yes, you, Dinah!); and a visit from an incubus.

September: An odious sea-cow; a book update; our holiday in poofiest Yorkshire (complete with sensational pictures of yours truly in a hot tub!); and another, rather moist, blogger birthday.

I'm not going to do a full-on review for this category because I've already posted book reviews here, here and here (call me lazy if you will). Suffice it to say that the winner is: The Never Ending Sacrifice, by Una McCormack (the first linked 'here').

This was a very difficult category from which to chose a winner. Nominees included Royksopp, Lady Gaga, Escala and Kelly Rowland amongst others. In the end, I couldn't decide between Sebastien Tellier's La Ritournelle (which featured in an episode of Ugly Betty this year) and Freemasons feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor Heatbreak (make me a dancer), so they both win.

Move over and Memory Alpha. Io9 gets my vote!

October: Continuing CyberPete's Over-The-Cusp birthday celebrations; a very understated fourth blogiversary; miniature crop-circles (for navigation purposes only); and Hallowe'en!

November: Tim's birthday over The Cusp; and wishing for a new Broom.

December: Hell Hound: Attack of the Moom!; Joey!
Eeeeeeuuuuuuwwwwwwwnnnnnngggrrrh!" (fx: tongue behind lip, drool, contort); and (really-not-that-rude) Consequences.

Ooh! Who to choose?
Seann William Scott, Aidan Turner, Connor Trinneer, Chris Pine or Zachary Quinto?

Hmmm... I think today I'll have Aidan.

Or maybe Eddie Cibrian?

Clockwise from top left: Chris Pine, Tim, Jared Padalecki and Ryan Kwanten.

What? I can have all of them, can't I?

Phew! After all those men from the last two categories, I'm flummoxed as to who to choose for the Hottest Sci-Figure winner. It goes without saying that I would choose Connor Trinneer again if I could, but, as far as I know, he hasn't got his kit off in the name of sci-fi this year.
Perhaps I'll just go for Chris Pine?

Except that I can't find a good enough picture of his buffness.

Why don't you tell me who your hottest Sci-Figure is?

Right. That's it. All that remains is to thank you all for tuning in for another, somewhat lacklustre, year here. I know I said I'd try and do better last year, but it obviously didn't happen, did it. I really will try harder in 2010.
And finally, thank you all for keeping us amused, entertained, shocked and enthralled this year.

Happy New Year!


  1. Hee, Tim, competing right alongside Captain Kirk! that's a great picture of, ah, both of them.

    I have completely lost my train of thought now....

    Happy new Year! I am really going to be working at being a better blogger this year...and look for the Olympic athletic hotness at my blog in February!

  2. You said something about it not being so hard this year, I'll say. Looking at those bulge photos. Tim, I'm sure can do much better.

    Hottest Sci-fi dude must be Josh Duhamel (or didn't he get his kit off in Transformers 2?)

    What an enjoyable read though, and the photos weren't too bad either. I really like Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Also the Royksopp feat. Robyn track. It's great.


    *prepares Gwyneth Paltrow-style gushing speech*

    Is Pete complaining about my, um, picture? Should I buy some push-up pants?!

    And I don't really remember when I went from stalker to stalkee. Did I?! I think that's just wishful thinking on your part!

    Happy New Year, Witchface!

  4. Happy New Year, IDV!!!

    Yeah, that Dead Like Me movie felt weird, like it was incomplete. It didn't get interesting for me til the end when it rained. I kept thinking, wait, that's it? It's over? It's like they cut the movie halfway through. And it sucked not having Rube or the original Daisy! The movie ensemble didn't have the right chemistry that made the series great.

    Pushing Daisies and Ugly Betty are hilarious shows. It sucks that ABC--those idiots!--canceled Pushing Daisies; those bastards also canceled Eastwick (based on the movie Eastwick)--that show was showing a lot of promise and it was great entertainment.

    Hottest SciFi Figure? That's easy. Those sexy Cylons and Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica!

  5. Please explain why August stands out for you as being inexplicably filthy chez Infomaniac.

    Oh, and nice job on this post.

  6. I agree about "Dead Like Me". It seemed they were just trying to get through the movie, and I really, really missed Rube and the original Daisy. I liked seeing Calum Blue as Mason, but Roxie was too much of a pushover.

  7. Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR, IDV!! :)

  8. I love your year-end recaps. Best of 2010 IDV!!!

  9. 'appy New Year! Hmmm, push up pants for raising a man' profile? Is there really such a thing?

    I suppose girls can't have all the fun with push up bras, can we?

    My hot hot sci fi figure - probably Mr Quinto. Or Callum Keith Rennie from BSG and loads of other supporting roles.

    Totally with you on Transformers. Could have been great. Did you see the Imaginationland episode of
    South Park where they take the piss out of Bay, Lucas and others?

  10. Dinah: Roll on February!

    'Petra: I'm sure Tim could do better - He could take his jeans off, for a start!

    Josh Duhamel's a good choice for Hottest Sci-Figure - Especially after seeing those photos of him at your blog.

    Oh, and I love that Royksopp track: The Girl & the Robot.

    Tim: I don't think it's push-up pants that you need - Just less clothes...

    As for you becoming my stalker, it was when you visited Norwich by night and left your spray-painted (at least I think it was paint - if not, you're a very... generous young man!) tag on the street furniture outside my (then) home.

    Eros: I think Eastwick is just about to start over here - I must catch it before it disappears forever.

    Ah, Six. I can see the allure. Starbuck I don't understand, but Tim seems to like her boobs, so there must be something in it?

    MJ: Let's just say 'well worn orifice' and never mention it again, eh?

    Tara: You're right - Roxie was too much of a pushover. That's what really spoiled it. She'd never give in so easily.

    Snooze: Thank you. There'd have been more categories if I hadn't been so lazy and left it all to the last minute!

    Miss Smuggersham: Do you know? I think such pants do exist. I'm quite sure Mr Leng doesn't need them, though.
    At least, I hope not.

    I think I'm going to do a separate post for Hottest Sci-Figure after all these great suggestions. His Eyebrowness and Callum KR are both VERY sexy contenders.

    I haven't seen Imaginationland, but now I must!

  11. You’re not referring to this IVD Exposed post, are you?


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