Sunday, 6 December 2009


Now, I'm sure you all know of this parlour game. You must have played it with a group of friends - ideally whilst consuming alcoholic beverages. But, should you be unaware of the laughter and disgust that goes hand-in-hand with this particular game, here are the rules:

Each person takes a turn choosing a word or phrase for one of eight questions, in this order.
  1. Man's name (or close approximation of a man)
  2. Woman's name (or close approximation thereof. You get the drift.)
  3. Place name
  4. He wore
  5. She wore
  6. He said...
  7. She said...
  8. The consequence was...
Then the story is read (for example):

Tim met IDV down the cake aisle in Waitrose. He was wearing chaps and a bandanna. She was wearing a smile. He said "I like your style". She said "Are you coming on to me?". And the consequence was that their love-making brought the house down. Literally!

Traditionally, the game is played by writing the words on paper and folding the paper to hide the previous words before passing it to the next player. However, as this is the age of technological sophistimacation and paper has gone the way of the dinosaurs (ha!), we shall play it slightly differently.
Instead, each player (you, the visiting bloggers) shall declare which of the eight subjects you are answering by submitting the question in the comments, and then email your response to me (my email address can be found in my blogger profile). These questions must be answered in order, so, for example, if MJ is the first commenter, she will only comment "Man's name" and then email me the name she's chosen. If Eroswings is next, he will comment "Woman's name" and email me the name he's chosen. And if CyberPete is third, he will comment "Place name" and email me his chosen location. And so on and so forth. This way, each commenter can see what subject has gone before but not see the answer, so making the outcome hilariously random. Or just plain weird. Of course, rudeness is encouraged (not that I would expect anything less...).
If more than eight people want to play, or you want to play several times, just keep going. So, once the eighth commenter has commented, the ninth just starts the game again. In a few days time (date to be confirmed), I shall post the outcome of each game for your amusement/disgust, so stay tuned.


  1. I guess I'll take question number 1: Man's name

    I'm emailing a name right now.

  2. I'll take 2: Woman's name

  3. I'll take take 3! One place name coming up!

    (off topic: I used to play this with my grandparents! We also played "Head Body and Legs" which was the same kind of paper folding, but instead of writing a story it was a three-part drawing of a person/animal.

  4. I'll take take 4! He wore…

    Email impending!

  5. Thank you all for playing. If you want to keep going until more (if any) people get here, please do. Although, try not to have consecutive goes, i.e. Tim, don't take number 5...

  6. I didn't try to take 5! RUDE!

  7. I'll be he said!

    this is so creative! I love it!

  8. I will take number 7 She Said

  9. bugger I cant take number 7 at present as my email link think doesnt work from my home pc :-(

  10. I'll take No. 7: She said...

    sending email!

  11. I take number 8 The consequence was.
    Mail sent :-)

  12. Are they all taken now?

    When we played consequence it always involved a bottle, dirty secrets and lots of snogging.

    You Norfolkers are odd.


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