Tuesday, 9 December 2008

We're pilots

I want a coat like Alison Goldfrapp's.

That's all.

Oh, and the the gloves.


  1. If she took all the crap off the coat I'd want one too.

    Her boots are pretty ugly though. You'd think she could afford to pay a proper stylist.

    Her lashes are lon...lovely!

  2. Alison Goldfrapp doesn't look like Alison Goldfrapp in that video.

    Mind you, it's probably just because she's got straightened hair. Forgive me - I'm old :(

  3. My mum had one a bit like that. She was in the WAF during the war.

  4. Does EVERYTHING in your wardrobe have to be ORANGE?

  5. Why don't you paint yourself orange? Like a full-on mahogany??

    Do it!

  6. And I want Alison Goldfrapp to stop singing in airports! No wonder flights are delayed and luggage gets lost!

    The pilots and baggage handlers are too busy dancing to be doing their jobs!

    Tickers has a good point. Try the military surplus store. I'm sure they sell those jackets--and the pins as well.

  7. Me too. AND I like her boots.

    I love the gloves too. And i want me one of those scooters the next time I am stranded in an airport.
    But I would probably fall off it.

  8. I am suspicious that Mr IVD blatant flaunting of orange clothes is to disguise a shocking 'Essex peach' fake tan


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