Friday, 5 December 2008

Sex Pest

Yes, the initials SP stand for Sex Pest. I'm going out with a sex pest. But a very lovely and attentive one.

While no one guessed correctly, there were two entries that were close: Snooze's Sexual Predator, and W*P*D's Sex Pervert.

W*P*D also came up with the superhero Silver Penis - Think an anatomically correct Silver Surfer. And the less said about Snooze's Sweet Pussy guess, the better!

It seems the green-eyed monster took hold of Tim once he realised my attentions were directed elsewhere, as he came up with the preposterous and insulting Sian Phillips and Sarah (Jessica) Parker respectively. And also, the bizarre Sexual Harassment Panda from South Park. Thanks for that, Tim.

Eros had me wanting my pipes seeing to by his Scandinavian Plumber, and a special delivery from his Swarthy Postman.

And finally, T-Bird, darling T-Bird, left the peculiar, but highly entertaining, Sexual Potato.

Thank you to everyone who took time out of their hectic schedules to guess what SP stood for (with the possible exception of BEAST and his disgusting Suppurating Piles).
Snooze and W*P*D: If you email me your addresses, I'll find a suitable something and send it your way. If you'd prefer not to disclose your addresses, I'll try and create a post just for you. You can email me here: ixxcat at gmail dot com


  1. First!

    Damn, I wasn't even close.... ah well. Glad to hear you are enjoying SP's attentions. Have fun!

  2. What's with the pest thing?

  3. Darn it , I thought my piles were a surefire winner

  4. Snooze, Watch*Paint*Dry - be careful! You'll probably get a turd in a box! And don't even think about what he'll use to affix the stamp…

    Ha ha ha ha!!! WV: Piervin

  5. What a whingebag.

    You've spent the past 3 years moaning about your dismal love life and now you call him a pest.

    Should we assume that no money is being exchanged?

  6. A sex pest! Ah, how wonderful. And I'm so excited about a prize! I am trying not to focus on Tim's caution. As long as the freaking green elf shorts don't show up, I'm fine, and as they are no longer in your possession, I'm safe.

  7. Sex Pest! Yay!

    I'm so glad he's not a Sexual Potato. They can be so surly in the mornings.

  8. Congratulations Snooze and WPD; will either of them be getting their guess in the mail as a prize? A Sexual Predator for Snooze and a Sex Pervert for WPD? That's a lot of postage stamps--don't forget to punch air holes on the boxes!

    Enjoy studying the sex pest in great detail and doing some thorough experimentation!

  9. Anonymous8/12/08 00:29

    Damn! There is someone at work we call Sex Pest and I meant to post it on your blog. Really I did.

    I must have gotten distracted. Damn that work and its interfering in my life.

    I am glad, and a lot jealous, that you are happy! Yeah!

  10. well done, you!
    Better a sex pest than a love sponge.

  11. Ponita: Maybe not close, but certainly prolific.

    CyberPetra: Well, he's not really a pest, just pesters for sex.

    BEAST: Surefire? Had you been eating your mum's chickpea curry again?

    Tim: RUDE!

    And stop piervin.

    MJ: I'm allowed to whinge - It makes for better reading.

    And of course money is not being exchanged.

    Snooze: Don't listen to Tim - He's just jealous again.
    I'm glad you mentioned The Shorts - I must remind 'Petra to get a blinking move on!

    T-Bird: I don't think I could've coped with a surly Sexual Potato.

    Eros: I've just got to find a couple of big boxes...

    W*P*D: Work *is* a bind, isn't it? I just hope your work SP isn't a creepy one?

    PhlegmFatale: Never a truer word. Those 'sponges don't half make a mess when one squeezes them out.

    And welcome!

  12. You say that like it's a bad thing

  13. Anonymous8/12/08 21:06

    I am afraid he is rather creepy. *shudders*

    Oh and you totally don't have to send me a prize. It was reward enough to have purpose when delving into the filthy reaches of my mind.

    But I have learnt that it would be best not to shout 'Silver Penis' out loud, in a full office.

    Wv: Cophotti

    Looks like you did eh?


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