Monday, 15 December 2008

Hot chocolate

Remember that phoenix egg I acquired a while back? And those tiny hot-footed elephants?

No. Neither did I until this morning. I'd gone outside to put some sultanas out for poor Beaky, not realising that I'd left the back door open. It seems the elephants - who'd set up a little colony amongst my plant pots - decided that this was their chance to get inside and hibernate in the warm.
I got back inside and discovered them kicking the phoenix egg around with their red-hot little feet. They'd found the egg in the nook by the radiator in the dining room, obviously deciding that the nook was where they were going to hibernate, and were attempting to kick it out of their way. The egg was covered with lots of hot little footprints and was glowing quite brightly.
Before I could stop them, there was an ominous cracking sound and a flash of light.


Drat. There go my eyebrows again. And half the dining room.

Now I have a massive, charred and blackened hole in the wall with a pool of molten radiator beneath it. To top it all off, somewhat more worryingly, the newly hatched phoenix flew off towards the gasworks at the end of the road. So, if you don't hear from me in a little while, it'll be because half of Norwich has been blasted off the face of the planet! On the plus side, I didn't have to make any sandwiches to take to work - I had crispy fried elephant.

- - -

And now for a Tim-style aside. Although, it's more like an end*...

For the last couple of days, I've had Kylie's Chocolate floating around my brain. I blame CyberPetra. You know how I like to share, so, here it is for your delectation:

* Not his end, unfortunately...


  1. That's a gorgeous song and video.

    I've never had elephant. How is it?

  2. I love that video - So elegant. And Kylie looking like Saint Joan Collins doesn't hinder things, either.

    The elephant was a little charred, actually.

  3. Does it taste just like chicken?

    The bit where she dances with the fella is my favorite bit in it but she's just so pretty.

  4. "So, if you don't hear from me in a little while, it'll be because half of Norwich has been blasted off the face of the planet!"

    No loss there then! Farewell, fake city!

    And no one wants to see you end.

  5. Your back door is ALWAYS wide open.

  6. I was quite disturbed at the beginning of the video with all those damned interpretive dancers wearing flesh tone leotards--they look like generic latex condoms flailing about.

    Perhaps Cyclops or Harry Potter can help you retrieve the Phoenix. She can keep your heating costs (and carbon footprint) down this winter.

  7. I have had similar problems with a pack of depressed hyenas.....even some jolly amusing stunts involving banana skins and pans of hot chip fat fail to raise a titter , to add to the stress levels a drunken e dame and an amorous pantomime dromadary have taken up residence under the stairs. Some christmas this is turning out to be :-(

  8. Oooooo...I luv this song! I heart Kylie 4eva.

    WV= floph

  9. I fear I want some chocolate now...

  10. Is Beaky okay? He wasn't damaged by the blast I hope.

  11. Whoops, just noticed I meant to say "no one wants to see YOUR end."

    Not "you end."


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