Saturday, 26 November 2005

Paraselene in obscurity

After rereading that last post, I realised how tired I must have been while writing it. It's appalling. I wanted to expand on the details, embellish the descriptors, magnify the whole experience. The Hallowe'en experience should have been nothing less than paraselene!

What a load of old guff, eh?

I'm off to read a good book while soaking in the bath...


  1. I've experienced the old posts horror before as well. Re-reading previous posts can be very traumatic.

    Don't let that stop you from posting new stuff though, and you can always go back and edit.

    So the knight's armor is transluscent, huh? How intriguing...

  2. Unfortunately for me (not for him, though), the armour is teasingly translucent. Basically, I can make out very vague shapes, but no detail and the colour is all wrong too. Everything's tinged greenish-blue. He still looks good, though!

  3. ooh, just noticed you're in norfolk. practically neighbours...

  4. Which county are you queen of, SG? Maybe I've flown over it recently? (hopefully, I haven't accidently dropped something while passing overhead...)

  5. that would be the one with the rival football team......but don't tell!

  6. My lips are sealed. Actually, I don't think I could tell anyway. I'm more than a bit hopeless at football so one of the boys at work will have to confirm my suspicions...


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