Sunday 20 November 2005


I've just realised I've made a spelling mistake of the inexcusable kind on my last post. You've got a week or so to point it out to me before I put it right.

If no one can spot it then I won't tell you what my Naked Knight (as he is now affectionately known) told me on Hallowe'en. I know you're all just bursting with curiosity. I can tell by the amount of comments I've received on the subject. Ha Ha (and not in a funny way).

I do mean to update this thing more often but the Demon Box makes my eyes go funny - I quite often end up squinting up my own nostrils... And I've been busy, too. Really I have. All to do with Naked Knight, actually. And no, not in that way!


  1. Hey there!
    I have to sympathise with the squinting thing- modern technology has that effect on me too, although it hasn't quite reached the stage where I can squint up my own nostrils, but give it time...

  2. right. i can't see the spelling mistake bu i do need to know what happens next in the story.

    i am pathetic, but i like a good story.

  3. Well, what happens is... Oh. Must write this on the blog - I'll do it later.

    Spelling mistake is "new" instead of "knew" at the end of the fourth line of the fourth paragraph. An atrocious lack of concentration must have occurred.

    I promise I'll carry on with the story. If not tonight, then tomorrow. So lazy...


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