Friday, 22 February 2019

Gingerbread Boredom*

 The day has finally arrived:  I have vanquished the Gingerbread Board and become the owner of a newly constructed gingerbread cottage house mansion!

 What this means is that I shall inevitably be spending all weekend in the throws of moving in, then flinging myselves back to work on Monday to get away from it all.  Oh, and also, not blogging for a while as the interwebular wotsit is not being sorted for another week or two (or possibly longer).
 I will try and catch up with you all from work, but some of the NSFW blogs (Very Mistress, I'm looking at you), will be beyond my grasp - I'm not ignoring you on purpose.

 Until my triumphant return, don't be too evil!

* Sorry.  I couldn't think of a better title.  Perhaps you could come up with something better in my absence?



    Did I win yet?

  2. Congratulations, I think?

  3. Well. I'm now confused. I looked it up and Gingerbread is a charity for single parents. Admit it, you've prayed to St Gerard Majella and got a miracle, haven't you!
    More seriously I see the Museum of Architecture had an architects' 'perfect' city on display, made of gingerbread. The fact gingerbread was the ideal medium says more about architects I feel, and I'm sure yours will be scrumptious. Congratulations on another new house, I can't wait to see the pictures!

  4. Congratulations!!!! And good luck with the move! Did you plan the interwebby thingy connector two weeks ago? If so you'll be fine.
    Breadknobs and Gingersticks!!! Or Gingerknobs and Breadsticks - whichever you prefer.
    I am raising my eyebrow at Mr Lax's comment.

  5. Fresh out of the Pan, Sweet Gingerbread Man aha... aha.

    I can write a lengthy post in 10 minutes, yet thinking up a title for it can take up to an hour, it's madness. I've even deleted a few juicy posts, full of malicious gossip just because I couldn't think up a title for them.

    Good luck with the move.

  6. Congratulations!

    A new home is exciting! Post at the front gate a huge sign that says: Large Vicious Dogs on the grounds. It'll keep away burglars, beggars, children, and Jehovah's Witnesses...all the things that could ruin your new home.

    Is the cat accompanying you? Are the garden and bird bath relocating with you? Do the birds know you are leaving? And more importantly, does Beaky know? And do you want him to know?

    Good luck with the move. Pay some teens $20 each to help move the heavy stuff, like furniture, appliances, and books. Don't forget to secure any "ear cleaners", lest they get lost or end up in the wrong hands.

    Congratulations and Cheers! Have a good move!

  7. Well well - we had "Castellet deVice", "Chateau deVice" .. did I miss or forget something ?
    The new abode could be called "Hexenhäusli deVice" or "Hansel's Destination". Perhaps "IDV Flats", "Maison Roux", "Foxy Sailor" : Pictures please !
    Anyway - good luck with all ! I wait patiently until You return in all your glory - ach !

  8. The MITM and I are seriously thinking about moving, too! Good Luck, sweetpea. xoxo

  9. Our house is called "Te Whare Tini" I could translate it , but it might be interesting to stick a fish in your ear.

    If your hose has a green door you could just plug Frankie Vaughan into a doorbell loop... for all the youngsters

    1. My Babel Fish is floating belly up in its tank, unfortunately, so has been no use whatsoever in translating your house name to English.

      I thought the youngsters like Shakin' Stevens?

    2. Sorry about your fish Here's my version. It's Maori...The Tin House. Because it's exterior is corrugated steel.


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